Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Why do PAS parents act like they do?

Here is something Dr.Jayne Major PHD [UCLA] wrote :

Why do pas parents act like they do?

I believe that PAS parents have become stuck in the first stage of
child development, where survival skills are learned. To them, having
total control over their child is a life and death matter. Because
they dont understand how to please other people, any effort to do so
always has strings attached. They dont give; they only know how to
take. They dont play by the rules and are not likely to obey a court

Descriptions that are commonly used to describe severe cases of PAS
are that the alienating parent is unable to "individuate" (a
psychological term used when the person is unable to see the child as
a separate human being from him or herself). The parent is
narcissistic (self-centered) and enmeshed with the child (overly
involved). Furthermore, these parents presume that they have a
special entitlement to whatever they want. They think that there are
rules in life, but only for other people, not for them.

A person with these characteristics, they may be called a
sociopath, a person who has no moral conscience. This means that they
are unable to have empathy or compassion for others. Sociopaths are
unable to see a situation from another persons point of view,
especially their childs point-of-view. They dont distinguish the way
others do between telling the truth and lying.

In spite of admonitions from judges and mental health professionals
to stop alienating, they cant. The prognosis for severely alienating
parents is poor. It is unlikely that they will ever "get it." It is
also unlikely that they will ever stop trying to perpetuate the
alienation. It is a gut-wrenching survival issue to them.


Anonymous said...

Great guess but i would have to disagree i think that pas parents just did not get to live there life to the fullest when they were younger because of any reason so now they try to revive themselves and "act" younger by acting like teenagers.

Louise Uccio said...

Guess what?

That's what makes the world goes round everyone gets to have their opinion.

However.. if you think this was a guess.. think again.. research who this author is.

Perhaps if you had alittle more research behind your opinion.. you wouldn't souond so uninformed.