Saturday, June 21, 2008

Action Alert

This topic is off my usual path...

However, someone in one of my CPS groups needs this to be out there so here it is..


Dear Friends,

Recently, We held a Pre-Booking Jail Diversion / CIT Conference and since than alot has been moving really first.

Please read the article below.[]

RIPPD will be having it's follow up to the CIT Conference

We'll be having a meeting on the 26th of June at 6pm at 123 Williams street (16th floor)

The goal of this meeting is to come up with an action plan on what next steps will be taken to get CIT's implemented in NYC.

We welcome everyone to partake and that you please spread the word far and wide and encourage people to attend this meeting.

Now is the time to take action!! The wheels are in motion!

Any questions, please contact;

Lisa Ortega

Community Organizer/Co-Coordinator


Phone: 646-260-6575

Do let others know so they can get involved also.

Thank You,

Carlos SabaterRIPPD Member

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