Sunday, June 22, 2008

DC Festival 2008

Pop Quiz: True or False?

Sadly, "DC Rally 2008" was cancelled last week.. (True)

It was reborn as "DC Festival 2008" in

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Yes, good folks everywhere: Sadly last week, the organizers of the DC Rally,
held successfully in August of 2007, decided against continuing the planned
annual Rally at the Lincoln Memorial, for financial and other various reasons.

It Lives Again: Even Bigger and Better than Before!

BUT, within less than 24 hours of that fateful conference call, several leaders
of other aligned forces quickly came together, and decided: The show MUST
go on! And so, before the very same week was over, everything was pulled in
and back to proper order, an upgraded event location was chosen, directly in
front of the Capitol Building, a nice downtown grass and sidewalks plaza that
also has plenty of trees for shade, known as Upper Senate Park, the event
schedule increased to include live musical entertainment, and even more of
the beloved speakers you want to see, hear, experience, and finally meet...

Get involved now, and stay tuned for the updates.

Stay tuned to for all the latest updates, but here's:

Upper Senate Park - the five sided grass/trees park area just across the road
from the Capitol Building (North of the Capitol Bldg along Constitution between
Delaware and New Jersey). See the really cool 3-D map of downtown DC here:

This "TinyURL" link will automatically take you to the GoogleMaps exact spot
for this downtown event, seeing the same area as above, but in the regular flat
map format, but also with pictures taken at different spots downtown, too!:

This is a fantastic area hotel map, linking to hundreds of DC hotels by visual:

This is the maps link for the DC system of Metrobus and Metrorail lines:

The revised and enhanced Event Schedule -- yes! still for the Aug 15th & 16th
same dates -- will be distributed widely during the upcoming week, along with
the next reminder announcement to all known groups and individuals. It has
grown to include virtually everything on the previous Event Schedule:
but will now start earlier on Friday, include opening time for live music bands,
additional speakers, possibly a set of hands-on workshops or groups training
sessions, and even more simultaneous events, such as the Street March to
leave from Upper Senate Park, parade through the public on the National Mall
and be hooking up with We The People halfway, to march on and stop at the
White House.. there to deliver our grievances and common plea for Justice.

The Plan: Ridesharing, and Mini-Events in other Cities.

Take a quick birdseye view of this routing map: see the timetables and mini-events detailed here:

Everyone, from the thousands of individual activists out there (some are YOUR
friends, right?), to the hundreds and hundreds of active social issue groups, to
people with "profiles" on all kinds of friend networks out there, need to be given
these two links, in order to join the common, neutral, open Yahoo! Groups that
are designated for arranging ridesharing to the DC Festival 2008 gala event:
UCRCoA State Chapters (group link is in red at top of selected state page):

UCRCoA Local Groups (group link for each county is listed in column format):
The 411 on downtown Washington, D.C., right here:

Hey, and don't forget! While you are visiting in Washington, D.C., you might
find some extra time to visit one or more of the famous landmarks that you
will be right nearby already, right there at Upper Senate Park (hint, hint):
Visit to learn all about the Capitol Complex.


UCRCoA State Chapters (group link is in red at top of selected state page):
UCRCoA Local Groups (group link for each county is listed in column format):
Learn more on this INCREDIBLY HUGE event!

Join us on Talkshoe this week sometime, to learn more and get more excited: every Sun/Wed/Sat, at 8:00 pm EST/EDT

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Abby C said...

Thank you for posting about the dc festival 2008! I work with, an event website that lists great things to do and see in the tri-state and surrounding areas. I invite you to list your event for free -- the whole community of event seekers in Kangalope will have access to this information. Thanks and have a lovely day.

Lary Holland said...

Official Press Release for DC FESTIVAL is located at and you can "GET INVOLVED" at the get involved linked on the website. Choose one or choose many!