Friday, June 27, 2008

Father of toddler found alone arrested for lying to police


By Elizabeth Jackman

A man whose toddler was found unattended near 63rd and Northern avenues June 15 and told police she was being looked after by a baby sitter he had hired from Craig’s List has been arrested for lying to the police.

Shane Englehart, 26, showed up at the Northern Greens Apartments around 10 p.m., where the girl was found and told police he had been starting a new job that day and needed a babysitter on short notice.

Police spokesperson Sgt. Jim Toomey said Englehart told investigators he located a bab sitter named Samantha on Craig’s List and arranged for her to watch his daughter, 2-year-old Haley.

Detectives Dean Ferullo and Shane Leske contacted Samantha, who had know idea what they were talking about.

“She denied all involvement and stated she has known Shane Englehart for several years, but does not baby-sit for him,” Toomey said.

When the two detectives confronted Englehart after a Child Protective Services (CPS) hearing, and told him they had talked to Samantha, Englehart admitted he had lied.

He said he had left his daughter home unattended while he went to work and made up the whole babysitter story.

Englehart was booked on charges of child abuse, obstructing a police investigation and false reporting to law enforcement.

Haley remains in CPS custody.

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