Saturday, June 21, 2008

Sister who lied about sex abuse is freed

A YOUNG girl who tore apart the lives of her brother and a teenage pal with false allegations of sexual abuse has been freed by the Court of Appeal.

The boy and his friend were forced to register as sex offenders following their wrongful convictions for indecent assault.

The girl's brother was even thrown out of the family home and forced into care, where he lived in misery for more than two years.

Last year, the girl's whole story was exposed as lies and in March at Southampton Crown Court she was jailed for 18 months for perverting the course of justice.

But top judges showed mercy to the beleaguered family, who cannot be identified for legal reasons but who live in Hampshire, when they quashed her sentence and freed her to return home to her mother - and the brother whose teenage years she ruined.

Judge Gabriel Moss QC, sitting with Mr Justice Andrew Smith, substituted an 18- month supervision order in place of her custodial term.

He said: "The trial judge was right to be condemnatory of her conduct. However, this was a child whose situation, as well as that of her family, required support, rather than the punishment visited upon her."

The court heard how the girl's lies spiralled out of control after she first made allegations against her 15-year-old brother and his 14-year-old friend.

Aged just 11, the girl told police that the boys had assaulted her in 2003 when she was nine years old. Court proceedings were instigated and they were convicted of indecent assault and handed nine month supervision orders.

But the boy's mother also kicked him out of the family home, condemning him to two years in care.

It was not until last summer when the girl's story began to unravel and she admitted that she made up the story to get her brother into trouble.

At the Crown Court, she admitted perverting the course of justice and was sentenced to 18 months' detention.

The now 14-year-old girl appeared in court and was flanked by two security guards as her barrister, Jeremy Barton, who appealed against the detention order, on the grounds that it was "wrong in principle".

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Sister Who Lied About Sex Abuse Is Freed (from Daily Echo)

My two cents, This is a sin!

These poor boys suffered damage that can never be taken away!

This girl paying for her brother and his friends suffering with only an 18 month sentence that she was excused from sickens me.

The crime this girl committed the suffering she caused far outweighs the consequences or lack thereof she is paying.

I hope this girl has trouble sleeping for the rest of her life for what she put them through!

To be put into foster care is a sentence in itself, that poor boy suffered more than his sister will ever know and letting her off the hook is a fucking shame!

Yet it speaks volumes for our "justice" system!

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