Sunday, June 15, 2008

Parents Denied Custody of Kids Following Son's Death

Follow up to a story I posted a few days ago..

The parents who left their child in a car for 17 hours will not get custody of their other children. Wednesday's hearing was closed to the public.

The hearing master said the hearing should be closed because these children are already going through enough. The death of their brother, their mother is on anti-depressants and their home is in disarray.

The Rimers left the court without a word or their children -- to return home where a memorial is now growing in their driveway.

On Monday the youngest of eight boys was found dead in his car. Investigators suspected he was left there for 17 hours. Wednesday, a family friend explained why Child Protective Services took the other children.

After the father lost his job, their home was packed with furniture and files from his office. It was so bad, sometimes they didn't even know where their children were.

In addition, the carpets were being cleaned so the family members were sleeping "camping style" in the family room and the kitchen wasn't clean.

"I believed it's temporary; it was done on short term for cleaning of the carpet that needed it. More than likely, they own some parrots and when they eat and feed, they like to with their beaks scurry the food all over the place -- so it probably needed a little cleaning on the carpets, so no it wasn't a permanent basis where they live like this. I have been to their home many times. And I mean, what is clean to me or to anyone in the public," said Michael Gonzalez, a family friend.

He says cleanliness is subjective. But Child Protective Services is expected to take a look at the home and decide if it is clean enough for the children to go home.

The next hearing is Tuesday.

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Las Vegas Now Parents Denied Custody of Kids Following Son's Death

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