Thursday, June 26, 2008

3 women accused in South L.A. boy's 'unbearable' abuse plead not guilty


Caretakers saw early signs that boy was

L.A. County supervisors want overhaul in monitoring of abuse cases

Boy was subject of '05 claim

Boy's abuse was no secret

The 5-year-old's mother and her girlfriend have been charged with torture and could face life in prison. A baby sitter who allegedly held the child's hands to a hot stove could get 20 years.

A mother, her girlfriend and a baby sitter all pleaded not guilty today to charges stemming from allegations that they subjected a 5-year-old boy to sustained and "unbearable" abuse and conspired to cover it up.

The boy's mother, Starkeisha Brown, 24, and her live-in girlfriend, Krystal Denise Matthews, 21, as well as La Tanya Monikue Jones, 26, each face felony counts that include child abuse, corporal injury to a child and conspiracy to dissuade a witness.

Brown and Matthews also have been charged with torture. If convicted on all counts, Brown and Matthews could face life in prison. Jones could get 20 years behind bars.

The women are next scheduled to appear in court July 22.

Authorities allege that the boy was subjected to extreme and sustained abuse for more than a year, including being burned with cigarettes on his body and genitals, being hung from a doorjamb by his wrists and whipped, and being left to sit in his own urine and feces. Authorities also allege the boy was malnourished and had severe burns from his hands being held to a hot stove.

Brown and Matthews shared their small South L.A. apartment with the boy.

Los Angeles County child welfare officials didn't learn about the abuse until earlier this month, when they received a tip from a concerned citizen who heard the boy at a Metro Green Line train station say "she put my hand on top of the stove."

The case has prompted outrage from officials, who argue that county and state agencies should have been able to better protect the child.

The county Department of Children and Family Services had looked into allegations of neglect in 2005, but concluded that the allegations could not be sustained.

According to authorities, Brown and Matthews have a history of troubled behavior.

Brown was a convicted felon and known gang member who for more than a year was wanted on a no-bail arrest warrant.

Matthews pleaded guilty in June to slashing her younger brother across the face with a box cutter.

Jones let her 4-year-old son go with Brown and Matthews to a meeting with Department of Children and Family Services officials last week in a bid to fool them into thinking there was no abuse. Jones is also accused of disfiguring Brown's son by holding his hands on the stove.

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3 women accused in South L.A. boy's 'unbearable' abuse plead not guilty - Los Angeles Times

My Two Cents..

They should ALL get life without chance of parole!

People like this deserve nothing short of torture themselves.

I know CPS lies OFTEN, but in MY opinion these three DID what they are being accused of and should pay with their minds, bodys, and souls!

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