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Karate expert Brian Philcox killed his children after Fathers' Day treat

Amy Philcox, 7, and her brother Owen, 3, who were found dead with their father Brian Philcox in his car in north Wales

Brian Philcox, 37, had told friends that he feared losing custody of his children

A divorced man murdered his two young children after taking them on a Fathers’ Day treat and then took his own life on a lonely Welsh hillside after an acrimonious split with his wife, it emerged today.

Brian Philcox, a supporter of the pressure group Fathers4Justice, telephoned the children’s mother beforehand to leave a message saying: “I have left you a present — I’ll make the papers, just you wait”.

Philcox, 53, a karate instructor and security guard, had told friends that he feared losing custody of his children, Amy, 7, and Owen, three, and the life savings he had sunk into the family home in Runcorn, Cheshire.

He had the care of the children for Fathers’ Day weekend when he prompted a bomb alert at a four-bedroom maisonette after phoning his estranged wife Evelyn, 37, with the warning.

While bomb disposal experts entered the house in Cheshire, Mr Philcox was thought to have driven the childen in his Land Rover Freelander to a remote spot on an unclassified road just off the A470 between Maenan and Tal-y-Cafn, in Snowdonia, where he killed them and then himself.

It emerged today that he had taken the children on a promised trip to a countryside steam railway before running a pipe from the car's exhaust and in through the rear window.

He then sat beside his son and daughter on the back seat as they were overcome by exhaust fumes. They were found by a passer-by at 3pm on Sunday afternoon.

Friends on the Windmill Hill estate spoke of a violent and erratic man who was facing the imminent prospect of divorce proceedings. As vice-president of Karate England, he was a leading light in the karate world, achieving the status of sixth dan.

He was also said to be an active supporter of Fathers4Justice. The group confirmed last night that he had contacted them on several occasions but failed to follow up his interest.

Mr and Mrs Philcox were married in Halton, Cheshire, in 2000 — a second marriage for both of them. It foundered about18 months ago when Mrs Philcox, known as Lyne, left the family home with the children.

It is understood that Mr Philcox was facing legal action this week over who should live in the family home.

Neighbours saw him happily playing football with his children on Friday evening on the village green, but one had heard him complain: “I have lost my wife, I have lost my job and I have lost my kids. I am now going to lose my house.

“I would rather burn the house down than give it to that f****** bitch.

One said: “I saw him take the kids away last week. He had a filthy look on his face. It was very tense between them”.

Another neighbour said that Mrs Philcox had complained that she was frightened of her former husband and what he was capable of. “He would come around to where she was staying, banging on the back windows and giving her hassle,” said the neighbour.

“She is a beautiful girl. You never saw her alone. She was always with her chldren. She is one of the most beautiful women you could ever wish to meet."

Others suggested that she had complained to police of his violence, and that he used to beat her son Ryan McAuliffe, 19.

One said: “He was brutal towards Ryan. Lyn could not handle him beating up her own son. She would say, ’You are not treating my kids like that’. She told me he had punched her son Ryan and hurt him”.

This evening police sealed off a park in Runcorn to inspect a suspect package that it is believed Mr McAuliffe had received in the post overnight.

Mr Philcox had picked up his two children from his estranged wife’s home at 7pm on Friday as part of normal access arrangements and was due to return them on Saturday afternoon.

Mrs Philcox alerted police when he failed to return and a full-scale search was mounted after he phoned her. Bomb-disposal experts who went to his home found that Mr Philcox had left a realistic-looking hoax device, which was found not to be viable. More than a 100 residents were temporarily from removed their homes.

North Wales police revealed that Mr Philcox had taken his daughter and son to Llangollen, which they had said they wanted to visit. The three were found 30 miles away.

Detective Chief Inspector Wayne Jones said that all three had died from carbon monoxide poisoning and that there were no signs of any other injuries on the bodies.

A witness had spotted the car at the beauty spot late on Saturday afternoon when Mr Philcox was seen sitting in the driver’s seat smoking a cigarette, he said.

Mr Jones said that police wanted to establish Mr Philcox’s movements from the time that he collected the children until their bodies were found 44 hours later.

He said:”We cannot speculate on the motives. There was no indication that he was going to do anything to harm the children and he had said nothing which would cause relatives any concern.

“We are aware that he was an expert in judo and karate and that is a line we are pursuing but there were no signs of any injury on the children."

He appealed for anyone who may have seen the blue Land Rover Freelander, registration number W537 MNC, to come forward.

“We are keen to establish what time the car was parked at the spot," he said. "We cannot find any information that would link him to that particular scene. It would appear to be a location that was chosen randomly.

“This is a very difficult case , particular for the family members who are receiving support from specially trained family liaison officers. We are professionals who are trying to do the job of uncovering as much information as we can.”

The children’s mother was being looked after and comforted by police and family members, he said.

Matt O’Connor, the founder of Fathers4Justice said: “This is yet another tragic case that demonstrates how family breakdown is an unfolding national tragedy for families and children.

“Fathers love their children. Killing them is against the paternal instinct, but while some people are driven to scaling bridges out of desperation, others see a future so bleak, and fear the living bereavement of losing their children so much, that they turn away from hope.”

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Karate expert Brian Philcox killed his children after Fathers' Day treat - Times Online

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My Two cents-

What a shame, when will the system get it?

Things in the family courts NEED TO BE CHANGED!


Anonymous said...

One more family fucked by the corrupt court system and the feminazi
ideology . They must be very proud of what they`ve done.

S J W said...

This man was pushed beyond the limit, by a system of fat cats, too busy coniving new ways to screw more money out of us to better their own ends than to care about underlings like us.This man had a preivious marrage that had gone the full distance ( till death you do part ). Accumilating posessions along the way, like a house, car and small savings.He invested this into a second marrage, and added to it 2 children a Amy and Owen. Things went sour as sometimes it does. And over the last 18 months his life was turned on its head. He has stated to people, he had lost his wife,home,kids and his money.
At 53 were do you begin to start again. How do you start again.
I dont condone what Brian has done by taking the lives of his children. But lets first look at what he has done before things went pear shaped. He had spent 30 odd years in Karate, a diciplined sport at which he exelled, becomming a 6th dan sensie.
He used this skill to generate funds and donate the said funds to cancer. He also took aids to Russia.
He was awarded "Man of the year", does this award go to just anyone.
When the system failed him,he fought back in the only way he knew he could win.Try to comprehend his thoughts and emocians. Sitting between his son and daughter knowing that he was the tool ending their little lives.
Watching his flesh and blood knowing what the outcome was going to be. And knowing the fate of himself, and STILL having the strength to see it through.My thoughts are with all his living reletives for their sad sad loss.
I hop a pang of guilt is felt by at least 1 of those fat cat bastards. Well now there is 3 less people going to pay into the system for you to rape. How many more can you afford to lose. SORT IT OUT NOW!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Sent to a talk show on a radio station, but they have not replied and I don't know whether they read it out on the show.

A few ( lot ) alterations added since sending the email.


I would really have liked to have spoken on your show last night about the father from Runcorn who took his life and his two children, but after a tiring day and lack of warning I was too tired and unable to prepare relevant information.


A few years ago Keith Young drove his four young boys to the Horseshoe Pass in Llangollen and then took all their lives by gassing them in the car. I bet that the father from Runcorn who recently committed suicide with his two children was one of the first to condemn and criticise Keith Young with statements like "How could any loving father kill his children"?

He probably thought that Keith was an absolutely vile disgusting person and joined the hanging posse in demonising him. However, when faced with similar circumstances, he probably FULLY understood the desperation of Keith Young, the mental torture and depression, facing the loss of his home, his income garnished* by child support without any right to be a parent to his children and the immense fear for the safety and well being of his children.

Divorce removes completely a fathers ability to protect his children. Any decent father, his overriding natural instinct is to protect his children. A good father should be willing to kill or be
killed ultimately protecting his children.

Fathers are much like a vending machine, used to impregnate and fund womens lifestyle. Discarded when they have served their purpose; only retained to leech off financially.

Until the bar room barrister or opinionated airheads stop giving strong opinions about something they have no knowledge or experience of and certainly no expertise whatsoever, the problem will increase.
Demonising any parent who has snapped under strain will cure nothing but inflate the ego and self importance of the opinionated self righteousness of the orator.

Only when people really understand WHY parents carry out such actions, will measures be developed to reduce the risk. However, neither the government or judiciary have any intention to do so. Both are corrupt and hell bent on destroying the nuclear family.

Believe it or not, more children are killed by their mother, a fact ignored by the media and when it does make mainstream media, the mothers are excused because they 'suffered depression' or their is a suggestion ( without truth, fact or evidence ) that they suffered abuse from a male partner.

Very few politicians are willing to speak the truth rather than follow the state agenda. Tim Loughton is one who dares and in the Houses of Parliament pointed out that more children are killed at the hands of their mother than fathers. The figures will astound you!

From Hansard:

> Hansard of the U.K. Parliament, March 2, 2006
> From a debate regarding presumption of child-visitation rights by non-residential fathers:
> ""
> Tim Loughton [MP]: Let me finish...
> In support of its claim, the NSPCC [which is fighting hand, tooth and nail to keep >non-residential fathers from having child-access rights — "in the best interest of the child"] >cites the fact that 29 children were killed over the past 10 years during contact visits to >non-resident parents. That is an appalling figure.
> **************************************************************************************************
> However, it ignores its own research, which shows that over the same period some 800 >children have died at the hands of resident parents or carers [read "mothers"], and the 2000 >publication "Child Maltreatment in the UK" , which showed that violent treatment was more >likely to be meted out by female carers than male ones.
> **************************************************************************************************
> The briefing is alarmist, sensationalist, misleading, empirically flawed, completely >irresponsible and highly reprehensible. It is not worthy of an organisation such as the NSPCC, >which claims to stand up for our children. I hope that our deliberations on the amendments will >be based on balanced, rational and well-informed debate, rather than the arrant nonsense that >I am sure will shock many dedicated and hard-working NSPCC supporters around the country.


Recently a father set fire to Leigh County Court. Broken by the injustices dealt through courts, he snapped and rather than take his own life and go quietly, he took his revenge out on the court. These incidences will only increase unless something is done to stop the huge scale of child abuse.

According to various people who have researched law history in Canada and the US, the Canadian law is based on UK law, the father is the owner and protector of the child against the world and against the mother.

> (segments of recorded examples of decisions from the British Columbia [Law] Review):
> 'Judgement: .... I have searched back as far as four hundred years in the records, and the rule >has ever been thus: "The father is the owner of the child, against the world, as against the >mother." .... 'The mother is not entitled to an award of costs for attempting to resist the father's >successful habeas corpus application to have his two year old daughter returned to his lawful >possession. The mother left the home without just cause, and has refused to return with the >infant.'.

[Comments from the researcher ]

> The reason that is just, and should still be so, is that the father is the power of a family unit. >The father is the builder and defender. The father is also the sine qua non (without which, >nothing) of children. "The father quickens (i.e. brings to life) the child." The father's ownership >is not onerous to his child. The father is the builder and possessor of the family property, and >his children are his posterity, the bearers of his name and inheritors of his fortunes. Their >interests are most likely to be congruent in the main, however much sons (and/or daughters for >that matter) might fight with their fathers.
> Because children still aren't recognized as persons at law (though they may no longer be >called 'infants' (by judges) 'till they've reached the age of majority, they still aren't treated >equally as adults), they have to 'belong' to somebody. Hence, the father, as probably the more >constant, reliable, and responsible of the child's two parents.
> If the father doesn't OWN the child first and foremost, the STATE does. THAT is the parens >patraie jurisdiction that has unlawfully been expanded by the 'modern' (i.e. boldly illegal) courts. >Hereinafter, they will continue to act illegally as they have been, under the "colour of law". Until >they're stopped. Guess who gets to do that?


Thatcher's government, while dismantling the industrial infrastructure of Britain, she also started dismantling the nuclear family with the introduction of 'no fault divorce', Children Act and crippling theft of a parents income with no right to parent their child - the Child Support Agency. Alis the Agency from hell which it is estimated drives one father a week to suicide.

The Children Act transfers ownership of the children from the father to the state - NOT the mother.

The mother is used as a carer on behalf of the state. Fathers are broken down and disempowered by loss of home, assets and children. The frustration in many cases where fathers can only watch their children suffering abuse by mothers and their latest boyfriends, prevented from protecting their children by the power of the state is the most frustrating event in a fathers life and likely to snap any man. Unless anyone has been in that position, the public should not try and second ( although second is not even close! ) guess what the pressure is like.

Having dealt with fathers to the point where justce arden of the high court comes out with statements such as "This does not breach the fathers rights. Fathers have NO rights to their children' and people believe the child belongs to the mother and the CSA belongs to the father and that child support is about the child and not financial incentive to destroy marriage / relationships. The government have now started to target mothers who are in a weak position having expelled their partners and now have no husband to protect them.

Mothers are having their children torn from them by the state to feed forced adoption which has financial incentives for councils. That is why FASSIT exists.

If you ask anyone if they have heard of Fathers 4 Justice, most likely people will say yes. Asked what their campaign was about, people reply "They just wanted to see a bit more of their kids". They got the world stage and failed to deliver the lines to the audience. One of the reasons I resigned my position and quit.

Many many years ago I heard the two following sayings which I think are brilliant and should apply to many armchair critics / opinionated airheads / bar room barristers:-

i) You should only break silence to improve upon it.

Hear and forget
See and remember
Do ( or experience ) and UNDERSTAND!

Until anyone has been in the position of these fathers ( and mothers ), they have no understanding of the situation and therefore not qualified to comment.

The most appalling diatribe passed off as journalism, covering this tragedy, must be a piece in the Daily Mail by Carol Sarler titled "How DARE anyone make excuses for fathers who murder their own children" where she goes on to make excuses for mothers killing their children but has absolutely NO UNDERSTANDING about how fathers love their children.

Her vitriol paints men as emotionless machines who only have the right to impregnate women and pay for their children. How this woman can even think she knows what it like to be a man or father is beyond comprehension - twisted feminist logic ( or should that be illogic - ill meaning 'sick' and logic meaning 'reasoning'! )


Keith Young, a farm worker from Winsford, Cheshire, drove his four sons to the Horseshoe Pass near Llangollen in North Wales where he used the fumes from a lawnmower engine to suicide.

His wife had committed adultery and was pregnant by her adulterous boyfriend. Having deceived her husband, Keith was faced with losing his home, his income and if I remember correctly, threatened with not being able to see his children in the future.

The mother initiated the chain of events by committing adultery and if she threatened to stop Keith seeing his children and setting the Child Support agency onto him, then she must bear responsibility for initiating the chain of events which led to the tragedy.

Brian Philcox was a winner in life as a karate expert and a man who set up a charity and raised a lot of money to compensate the failing health service.
At a high level in karate, a sixth dan, he was not used to losing fights and if he did, he would probably have accepted he was beaten honestly by a worthy opponent.

If he did call Fathers 4 Justice for help in getting custody of his children he will have been told in no uncertain terms that he had no chance of custody as mothers are awarded the care of children in 90 - 95% of cases despite whether they are suitable parents or not.

A man who was used to winning, now faces a fight he is virtually guaranteed to lose. Not an honest or fair fight, but one where the opponent is backed by a state intent on destroying families, dissempowering fathers together with the secret arena which is the family court.

Faced with these odds and coupled with depression and a sense of utter hopelessness he will have taken his life NOT for revenge but because of his depressed state of mind and he probably saw no future if he had been told he would not be able to see his children in the future.

If he was threatened with losing his children, then the person making the threat initiated the chain of events.

As like most people who didn't know him or know his ex wife or family, none of us really know his reasons nor who initiated the chain of events. The most important thing is to try and reduce these incident - it will probably not be possible to stop them completely, especially when twisted feminists continue to excuse mothers who kill and support mothers who threaten to airbrush fathers out of their childrens' lives.

Character assassination by the lynch mobs, the opinionated airheads without understanding, experience or knowledge of the situation and sick twisted journalists with an agenda will neither bring the victims back or prevent future incidents.

Those who must bear responsibility for these incidents are the politicians who introduced legislation which undermined the nuclear family, the family law industry and its hangers on who transfer childrens' inheritance into the pockets of lawyers in their trade of child and human right abuse and the controlled, manipulated media which continues to brainwash and subdue the herds of sheople with articles produced by brainwashed journalists too dumb to realise they are promoting a corrupt agenda.

Any mother or father who has a son(s) may well see them go through this hell unless they stop the abuse of our children by the ruling elite.

When it happens to you or your family - it is too f******* late!

How DARE Carol Sarler call herself a journalist!

garnish : a stoppage of a specified sum from wages to satisfy a creditor or a legal obligation (as child support)

Dave - UK