Sunday, June 29, 2008

Sean's short life shows system's flaws

Flaws? They have the nerve to call what is going on "FLAWS"?

The link below will make you SICK!

It made my skin crawl!

I normally give you the story and sometimes I add my two cents.. Ok so more often than not I add my two cents or a whole dime!

Why am I posting this story differently?

Because I want YOU the reader to PAY CLOSE attention to these sentences or paragraphs from the whole article before you read it ...

In the mid-1990s, the number of foster children adopted each year jumped from about 250 to about 1,300. This year, the state offered nearly $26 million to adoptive parents caring for 12,384 former foster children.

(Even though the paragraph above actually belongs after the paragraphs below it was KEY that you read that part first to get the whole picture..)

North Carolina's child welfare officials had a moment of reckoning in the early 1990s. Abused and neglected children were growing up without parents. The state had found their birth parents unfit, and they had been sent to live in temporary homes while social workers waited on their parents to get it together.

The state carved out money to pay private adoption agencies to recruit and prepare adoptive parents. Agencies such as Children's Home Society earn from several thousand dollars to $15,000 for every child placed. Children's Home Society could have earned as much as $45,000 for placing Sean and his two siblings, though the state won't say exactly how much the agency earned.

Adoptive parents would be paid, too, for taking on such a responsibility. Depending on the child's age, they earn between $390 and $490 a month until the child is 18.

Do you see what is crystal clear to children's rights activists?

Follow the money ... our children are being ripped from their loving families, then abused maimed, raped and killed for what? MONEY?

Is it clear to YOU NOW?

If you haven't gotten "it" yet check out this blog for Title 4 or 5 federal funding incentives, just so happens that with all the laws passed to "protect" children in 1996 the number of children found to be in abusive situations rose by how much?

You do the math!

Now if your ready... here is the link to the story that fueled this rant...

P.S. Don't kid yourself this isn't only happening in North Carolina.. it's worldwide Sean's short life shows system's flaws

* Anything in Yellow is my two cents.

* Anything in blue is copied and pasted from the article in question above.

P.P.S It's almost ironic that I came across this article (Link below)...
on the abuses of federal funding destroying children and families EVERYWHERE!

The Business of Child Stealing in Florida

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