Friday, June 13, 2008

Racism infects presidential campaign

This morning the Staten Island Advance ran a story on racism here -

SILive: First Glance

I found it appaling that the Staten Island Advance would print this story when they ignored my story on Racisim in their own court system by Hearing Officer Bonnie Cohen Gallet.

So as usual I will bring the story with proof to the public myself and let you decide if racism is alive and well and living in the Staten Island and perhaps Hearing Officer Gallet's new location the Bronx courts.

Then perhaps one can see how racism along with the apparent political connections my estranged husband has plays a major role in why I haven't seen my children in years...

Without further delay I bring you the story in today's Staten Island Advance-

Racism infects presidential campaign

The racist message on the $5 bill, behind Abraham Lincoln's back, is stamped in black ink: Lets keep the "White House" wh!te! The bigoted sentiment, with its misplaced exclamation point, was passed to a Staten Islander from Sunnyside. A spokesman for the Secret Service, which tracks counterfeiting and currency-related crimes, agrees the incendiary message is distasteful, but sees it as innocuous. Kelvin Alexander, vice president of the Staten Island African American Political Association, says the bill should be held as a keepsake. "If I had it," he tells the Advance, "I would save it for posterity to show them how it used to be."

-Story by Deborah Young

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