Thursday, June 12, 2008

Comment-Statement left today on an older blog

This post will only be fully understood by the one person it is intended for, so if after you've read it and your scratching your head thinking.. did she lose her mind.. then it wasn't you that this was written for (smile)

Someone today asked me a question hidden in a statement via a comment on one of my older blogs.

I know the exact location of the home in which the comment/statement came from.

I'm not sure who it was in the home that asked me that question so I didn't post it or reply.

I have sitemeter, so every comment can be traced to an IP address...

I have learned that I must keep my friends close but my enemies MUCH closer.

Therefore I know every IP address my stalker and her/his sidekick comments from, and I reject them all.

I know the search words they use every time.

So of course I know the search words they used today to get to the blog where they left the question/statement.

I do have an answer to that question/statement and I am willing to answer it.

HOWEVER, I'm not sure if that question was from the same someone in that home that has been leaving me threatening comments on the same blog, so with that in mind...

If the person who asked the question today really wants the answer they will have to call me and ask me personally my number is 917-806-8301, perhaps their knowledge of the comment they left can be invaluable help in my quest to free my children from the legal kidnapping that has kept us apart for over six years!

Alternatively, If the person that left the comment today is my stalker - all I have to say is once again..



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