Friday, June 13, 2008

Racial Discrimination? 4

So you might ask how the story with the transcripts below ends?

Well, I brought it to the attention of Chief Clerk William Quirk.

He sat down with me sometime in December 2005 to discuss my case and this transcript.

He didn't think Hearing Officer Gallet was being racist, however he said she was saying that Staten Island is racist.. (Well, Staten Islanders- do you have an opinion on this?)

Anywho, He had his best clerk help me file a new petition to see my kids with more substainsial visitation.

That was in 2005, today is June 2008 and I have not seen my chidren ONCE SINCE THEN!

Ohh yeah, what happened to Hearing Officer Gallet?

She was selling Real Estate for a while but somehow she's back in the court system hearing cases up in the Bronx.

Gotta love our court system!

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