Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Are our children out of control?

I couldn't help but notice that most of today's headlines in my local paper were about teens and young adults.

I was forced to wonder if Child Protective Services incentives to "protect" children is the base behind children that are out of control, after all, parents know better than to slap little Johnny or Jane on their backside when they are disrespectful or out of line in fear of having them taken away...

So on that thought I bring you today's local headlines involving children or young adults apparently out of control.

2 teens charged with fighting Mount Vernon police lohud.com The Journal News

Ardsley student's reported threats may keep some kids home lohud.com The Journal News

3rd teen charged in Peekskill stabbing

Bronx teen arrested in fatal shooting outside Mount Vernon bar

Man stabbed in neck with broken beer bottle in Yonkers

Yonkers man, 18, charged in stabbing

(Shrug) Maybe it's a coincidence that children are killing each other maybe it has nothing to do with CPS aka ACS or Dr prescribed psychotropic drugs...

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