Saturday, June 21, 2008

Exposing the women's shelter industry ONE VIDEO AT A TIME!

Exposing the women's shelter industry ONE VIDEO AT A TIME! on Vimeo

Another video in the women’s shelter series in which a mother from Ontario, Canada describes her horrifying experience residing in women’s shelters in Ontario. In the shelters where she was a resident, women were beaten, robbed, intimidated and sexually exploited. Children were exposed to violence, swearing and abuse by the women and often witnessed their mothers being abused and humiliated by shelter staff. Children are being taught that being “Canadian” and respecting yourself means to hate fathers, lie to your own parents and to call the Children’s Aid Society on your mother if you don’t get your way.

When is the government of Ontario going to put an end to women’s shelters being used as indoctrination centers where lesbian women prey on vulnerable women? When is the Ontario government going to make these women’s shelters accountable and professional?

When is all this government funded madness going to end?

Women who have experienced abuse while a resident of a women's shelter and would like to make their stories public by way of video, should contact Canada Court Watch. This will help in efforts to make women's shelters more accontable and professional and help to provide a truly safe place for those unfortunate women who legitimately need such facilities.

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