Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Natascha Kampusch case may be reopened

By Bojan Pancevski

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The police inquiry into the Natascha Kampusch case may be secretly reopened amidst mounting criticism of the investigation into the background of the abductor Wolfgang Priklopil.

Investigators are set to question Ernst Holzapfel, the business partner and best friend of Priklopil, as it was revealed that some of his earlier statements about the case were contradictory, according to the German magazine Stern.

Miss Kampusch, now 20, spent eight years locked in the underground cellar of Priklopil's home near Vienna before she managed to break out in 2006. Priklopil, 44, then killed himself by jumping in front of a train.

Mr Holzapfel reportedly admitted to spending seven hours with Priklopil on the day of Ms Kampusch's escape before he killed himself by jumping in front of a running train. Police sources allegedly told Stern that as Holzapfel was first approached by an officer regarding the case on the same day, he reportedly asked "Did he kill her?" although at that stage, he later said, he had no knowledge that his friend was keeping Ms Kampusch hostage in his house.

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