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CPS plunders families and children pay the price

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Informed Constituent (Albany, NY), The, Sept, 2006 by Deb McLean

I am an advocate for parents who feel they were unjustly served by state workers who work for bonuses or promotions and knowingly turn a deaf ear to the cries of the innocent, the children, the ones who should really count. Where are the voices of the children who ask why they cannot go home? Our country will need to compensate for imprisoning these innocent children who grow up angry in these foster incarcerations. How many people in jail are subjects of families torn apart by Child "Protective" Services (CPS) where children were misdiagnosed; where parents were blamed for their child's "Bipolarism", thus stolen from them and put in abusive foster homes? If Bipolar disorder is genetic as they now say, how could parents be blamed for it anyway?

Furthermore, now evidence points to our own "Food and Drug" Administration drugging our children in school cafeterias and in foods found in grocery stores--causing depression, ADHD, and who knows what else! And worse, parents with any history of "mental illness" are losing their children--not always due to neglect, but just because of their history. How fair is this?

And now that children are worth money in the industry, it is a fast growing business. No joke. Your children are now a hot ticket item in the growing market that feeds the industry initially designed to help children. It is now a business, nothing more than "Trafficking Children for Profit" [See May, July, and Aug issues].

What has happened to our country? Our Constitution? We are a product of our own doing. We are waging war against ourselves when we wrap what's left of innocent employees and spin them into the web of evil and greed. The greed is superceding the love for our children and our quality of life.

However, as the world plunders, there are a precious few who have chosen honesty and are blowing the whistle on government agencies like CPS. It is not a secret anymore when state after state declare CPS agencies as black markets for children. Use your internet search engine and come up with thousands of organizations fighting CPS. Former U.S. Vice President Walter Mondale warned us years ago when he expressed his fear that the Adoptions & Safe Families Act might cause states to create a business in dealing with children. So here we are, a product of our own ignorance, caught up in one of the biggest businesses in our society. And who is paying the highest price? Our children!!!

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Anonymous said...

children are also put at huge risk when CPS opts to protect itself and to stay blind to logical evidence and in so doing chooses to protect a neglectful or abusing parent instead of an abused and harmed child.