Saturday, June 21, 2008

Mom Of Murdered Children Gets $1 Million

Written By Leasa Conze,
KOLD News 13 Producer

Posted By Mindy Blake,
KOLD News 13 Anchor

The mother of two murdered children will get a one- million dollar settlement from the state.

Jamie Hallam filed the lawsuit against Arizona Child Protective Services two years ago after her children were killed.

The body of four year old Ariana Payne was found in a north side storage locker last year..

The body of her five year old brother , Tyler, has never been found.

Hallam's claim focused on the decision by CPS workers and Tucson Police to leave her children with their father, despite a court order giving "her" sole custody, and "him" no visitation rights.

The father and his girlfriend are accused of the the children's murders.

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