Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Personality Disorder Glosary - Alienated

Some of you may recall a few earlier posts on this blog.. about a dear friend of mine..

This dear friend.. obviously has many issues as an adult.. resulting from a dominating..over bearing.. twisted Narcissist mother.

As it turns out this dear friend of mine was recently diagnosed as having HPD = Historic/histrionic personality disorder. Part of the Drama club cluster B personality disorders that drain others dry emotionally... sooooooo

Because I believe my estranged husband- (he refuses to be tested or perhaps he was tested in childhood and knows the results are anything but healthy either way) suffers from Narcissist/Anti Social Personality Disorder.. I am confident that because of his inability to teach them right from wrong my children will one day also need therapy and lots of it...

I am fully aware of what my children are in for as far as being able to cope out here in the real world when they grow up...

I am determined to prepare myself for the issues my own children are bound to have as a result of being alienated and raised by someone as dysfunctional as my estranged husband...
I am constantly learning as much as I can about every personality disorder out there...
In learning of my dear friends dilemma.. I did some homework....

I am also accepting my role back then (Co-dependent) in partnering up with such a distorted dysfunctional partner in the first place... and the effects that my then submissive personality had on my children.

Anywho.. back to the point!

I have researched in depth parent alienation... dysfunctional personalities.. enmeshed families.. and so on and so on!

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I've covered the dangers of being involved with a personality disordered person... where I've included levels of defense mechanisms and how they hurt the person using them instead of protecting.. and how they hurt those involved with the person using them..

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The one thing I haven't focused on was the language associated with personality disorders..

Is that a subject that needs a separate post?

I didn't think so.. but while researching Historic/Histrionic (HPD) personality disorder..
I found this awesome web site .. Out of the FOG - Personality Disorder Support (Wich I have added to a new link of great web sites on the right side of this blog)

So as usual.. I tooled around on the site to see what else it offered.. besides the obvious and vola - a glossary of words associated with personalities...

Can you imagine this.. right there in bold print the word ALIENATE!

Here - Out of the FOG - Personality Disorder Glossary

Alienation -

Alienation means interfering with, or cutting a person off from, relationships with others. This can be done by manipulating the attitudes and behaviors of the victim or of the people with whom they come in contact. The victim's relationships with others may be sabotaged through verbal pressure, threats, diversions, distortion campaigns and systems of rewards and punishments. Click Here for More Info on Alienation.

"The most widely reported form of alienation is parental alienation - where a parent tries to sabotage the relationship their child has with the other parent. This is quite common when divorcing someone who has a personality disorder. Click Here for Specific Information about Parental Alienation."

Well .. duh!! Looking back my estranged husband alienated me from friends and family.. he would make up 9999 reasons why I couldn't talk to or visit them.. he would become enraged..
fly off the handle.. and punish me if I ignored him and kept in touch! In short he would make my life a living hell when I contacted my friends and family.

Well well Louise.. can you say.. HELLO!!

If I hadn't been so co-dependent.. naive.. and uneducated in personality disorders back then.. I would have known that a dominating abusive personality .. could certainly over power innocent children in their care.. I would have insisted on STRICT supervision..

But in my defense.. I just didn't know.. and when I went to those women's groups for help... they wouldn't touch my case because they were aware that my children were already well on their way to being totally alienated.. and or were they aware of my estranged husbands political connections?

I need to get the message out to anyone thinking of getting a divorce..

To anyone thinking of having children..

To anyone involved with someone that has personality "quirks" aka personality disorders..

They need to know the dangers .. they need to fully understand personality disorders..
they need to know they play a role in it all.. and they need to work on themselves in order to stop attracting these kind of people.. they need to know above all.. innocent children are at stake.. and they need to stop the insanity NOW with them self and their children!

DON'T be a victim.. take the blinders off.. don't allow your or your partners.. or your parent's personality disorder to cause your children to carry it into another generation.. become educated.. pass it on to your children now ...or if you have no choice than to wait until they come back to you if you are already alienated.. be prepared!


Are you in a relationship with a person who has a personality disorder?
Do your parents have a personality disorder?
Do you have a personality disorder?

Don't miss my next post to see some of the common signs of personality disorders...

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