Monday, March 30, 2009

Great News from Expose Corrupt Courts: New York is Corrupt AND Dysfunctional

Since the [il]legal kidnapping of my children is apparently so riddled with corruption I felt it was my duty to add this post Expose Corrupt Courts: Great News: New York is Corrupt AND Dysfunctional from Expose Corrupt Courts as a post on this blog.. for future reference..

Perhaps one day my children, S.U., Dawn Uccio, Louie Uccio aka Lou Uccio and Nicholas Uccio aka Nick or Nicky Uccio, will want to know why I have been taken out of their lives while Aggie Panepinto was allowed to raise them without any input from me (take special note of her last name - then read the rest of this story)

Perhaps one day they will refuse to continue to believe the lies of the other parent (Mr. Louis M. Argenziano) that I didn't want to be in their lives or God only knows what other bull-shit LIES he's filled their heads with.

All the while Mr. Louis M. Argenziano's, political connections to sitting Richmond County (county my case has been in for EIGHT YEARS) Supreme Court Judge Barbara Panepinto via her husband Catholic Charities Exucutive Director, Joseph Panepinto (remember the live in lover's last name?) my estranged husbands boss where he has worked for the last 20 or so years... in the Catholic Youth Orginazation (CYO) are being ignored as the reason hearing officer Bonnie Cohen Gallet and Staten Island Family Court Services forensic evaluator Ms. Amerose both initially denied me drug testing yet sent in and acted on a bogus "report" to the court that I was a drug addict!

They both violated my and my children's constitutional rights by refusing me a drug test while labeling me a dangerous drug addict that should have no contact with my children..

These animals kept me from my children FOR SEVENTEEN MONTHS (initially- it would be EIGHT YEARS TOTAL thus far) before henchman court appointed attorney( henchman: Definition, Synonyms from the now dead (to bad he went so painlessly via a heart attack) Mario Accunzo coerced (FORCED) me to give custody to my estranged husband with the threat of never seeing my children again if I argued that I wasn't a drug addict- despite my voluntary 100% negative hair drug test which was precluded from the record!

Then Judge Terrence McElrath picked up his role in the [il]legal kidnapping of my children where hearing officer gallet left off and he refused to allow me access to my children with a bogus (Staten Island Family Court Services) SIFCS report. Once again NO BASIS THIS TIME but the unsigned report claimed I was to continue to have no contact with my children... which Mr. Rousie (forensic evaluator) DID NOT SIGN! Yet that didn't stop Judge McElrath from playing his role in this [il]legal kidnapping! Business as usual for Richmond County Courts .. Just another day these power junkies get to go home and feel good about destroying families for personal gain! This power junky McRat as I so lovingly call him - had me arrested on a warrant for child support that my then worthless and apparently corrupt attorney Mr. Lawrence Sykes Esq. claimed he had under control - he claimed he sent a letter to the court telling them we wouldn't be able to be there for a child support hearing and to excuse us.. meanwhile they put a warrant out on me that day= which I would later find out was inflated child support by thousands of dollars! While the abusive estranged husband's back child support owed to me via an order of protection in another State DISAPPEARED BEHIND CLOSED DOORS - can you imagine that? YES IT'S ILLEGAL TO ZERO OUT BACK CHILD SUPPORT - But somehow his apparently corrupt attorney who by the way looks more like a penguine than an attorney - Catherine Bridge Esq. managed to get 40k owed to me in back child support wiped off the planet as if it didn't exist (I wonder who signed that order??) (bad Louise (smack on the wrist) - you know how much ms. bridge whines when you bad mouth her on your blog ((shaking my head))

I guess this insane story wouldn't have been so bad if the next judge Judge Louis Lubell from Westchester took the bull (bull-shit) by the horns and held the Richmond County hearing officers and judges by the apparently corrupt horns and took action.. but no, he wanted no part of this.. can't say I blame him... and he sent it back to richmond county.

Then as if this were some sick joke = Judge Barbara Panepinto herself thought she was going to hear this case! Ummm no flipping way! No on my watch she wasn't! However Mr. Peter Lomtevas my then attorney felt it was ok for her to hear the divorce.. Umm NO! Mr. Lomtevas thought I should voluntarily break my order of protection and allow my abusive kidnapping estranged husband to supervise my visits! Umm NO!

Then the [il]legal kidnapping got deeper and this time involved Richmond County's IDV Judge Debra Silber (Oppzzzz I was warned by judge silber herself that she didn't want to see her name on my blog- maybe I should leave her role in this apparent kidnapping out? Ummm NO!
So as I was saying.. Richmond County IDV Judge Debra Silber - thought it was appropriate to ASK an admitted abuser if it was ok if I could see my children after EIGHT YEARS of his having kept me out of their lives.. then when Mr. Wonderful (tongue in cheek) said No.. judge silber a DOMESTIC VIOLENCE Judge said .. Oh Ok! No Ms. Uccio you can't see your children! Proof of this is on the right hand side of this blog in an article 78 against judge silber. Then she had the gall to refuse to sign my Writ of Habeas Corpus brought on behalf of my children's illegal detention!

Ummm WTF is going on here if not corruption then what?

Then if this story isn't sick or twisted enough.. the appellate court second department didn't feel that I had a legal right to bring an article 78 against judge silber who was told by me that this case is based on fraud, who refused to hear or even sign my Writ of Habeas Corpus!


WHICH INCLUDES CHILD CUSTODY AND CHILD SUPPORT OWED TO ME - with her famous "I don't know what your talking about" (has to be said while whining and looking stupidly ignorant to get the full impact- and is always said when she's being held accountable to her apparent role in the apparent corruption keeping me from my children - or at the very least her IGNORING THE LAW in my case - and I've heard in many other survivors of DV cases!) Habeas Corpus (Protection of Parental Liberty) Disgusted with the system: Writ of Habeas Corpus to FREE the Uccio Children

Then judge silber had the nerve to GAG me from using her name online in this blog AGAINST MY FIRST AMENDMENT RIGHTS AND THE LAWS THAT HER OWN BOSSES PUT INTO PLACE CALLING FOR SUNSHINE ON CHILD CUSTODY CASES with exceptions only in VERY RARE instances.. which my case DID NOT MEET - SO THEREFORE SHE GAGGED ME UNCONSTITUTIONALLY- but then dismissed my case as soon as I brought an article 78 against her.. so therefore her unconstitutional gag order was null and void!

Oh so I wouldn't be surprised if your asking yourself .. well why didn't you contact someone higher than these clowns?

RIGHT! I did over and over again - the list is extensive but included people such as ..

Chief Judge Judith S. Kaye

Administrative Judges, Judge Philip Minardo (Administration), Judge Ann Pfau (Administration),

Office of the Inspector General, Sherril Spatz Office of the Inspector General

My one time attorney Peter Lomtevas wrote a letter to the FBI telling them he saw apparent corruption in my case (more on what that outcome was here - Disgusted with the system: NYC attorney said ".....even if I have to throw the client under the bus" )

So you see, I've exhausted my State remedies.. gotten no where... and you ask what's next?

I dunno sounds to me like the public should remind the government in New York State that corruption is a no no .. however it is a fact and does happen because as you can see NOT ONE OF THEM IS HELD ACCOUNTABLE BY ANY OF THEIR SUPERIORS!

What's that they say.. a fish smells from the top?

Believe me it's NOT JUST MY CASE - There are so many apparently corrupt child custody cases in new york.. these poor kids are being abused by the very government in place to protect them.. and the public does what? Yeah that's what I thought..


These animals are better organized and better protected than the mob!


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P.S. I'll keep you all posted as to how many times the courts read this post and how many times they email it to each other - THANK YOU SITE METER!

One more thought on this subject - ... Apparently you have mistaken me!

If I can give you all a word of advice --

Don't ever underestimate the love of a fit loving mother or father!

Don't think that because you have been able to alter documents, get co-conspires to obstruct justice or keep a parent in financial ruin.. that you will be able to hide your corruption.

As my therapist says-- you can't get to me to shut me up- I'M NOT ALONE!

Many people would fight to the end for me and justice if anything were to suddenly happen to me-- I'm an excellent driver -- no one would believe I got into an fatal "accident." No one would believe I took my own life -- I've never been a drug addict nor do I plan on taking it up now -
so an over dose wouldn't be believable either.. I love my children to much for that.

No one would believe any bullshit story anyone tried to sell if I suddenly were silenced.

I'm not delusional, I'm not paranoid, nor do I have any other mental/emotional disabilities EXCEPT Post Traumatic Stress Disorder that each and every one of you contributed to with this scam. Proof of this is evidenced by FIVE psychiatric evaluations I've had over the years.

The only way to silence me (about my case and your apparent corruption) is to give me back my children get out of and stay out of our lives.. then you might consider taking up washing dishes as a living-- because if it's the only thing I accomplish today..tomorrow and every day for the rest of my life -- it will be to prove to the public that they shouldn't hire a kidnapping/conspiring attorney(s), or allow corrupt Judges/Hearing Officers to get away with destroying their lives!

High Five Alec Baldwin- Our courts are in desperate need of over-hauling, our children are being destroyed by their corruption, entitlement and greed!

Have a wonderful day,

Louise Uccio

P. S. I'm not a gambeling woman, however, I bet right about now -- your wishing there was truth to the lie that -- I was an unfit- drug addict.

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Anonymous said...


What you are describing, sadly, is a national problem. Absent anyone having political or social connections to judges and other "professionals" in this system, it's just about shaking down everyone for money.

When "connections" come into play it is about financially looting the person who is not "connected", and then brutally taking their kids away.

It is a dirty system, occupied by many dirty (and some not corrupt) people. But like so many things in America, where their is easy/dirty money to be made, the pigs are the ones running all over everyone else.

I am sorry you had this experience. You are not alone. You have tens of Millions of Americans as company.

Keep writing.
Don't quit.
Shine a light on the corruption.
Rats and pigs don't like bright lights in their eyes.


The Family Court is in the child trafficing business and the National Organizatuion For Women are the greatest enablers of this corrupt system. The public needs to be educated on how we got into this mess with the government.

Pina said...

Good luck to all of You, keep it up. I say to corrupt Courts attorneys and Judges that play to destroy us and our Dead Loved Ones.
" Never underestimate the love of a daughter and sister" RIP Guys
I will take of this.

Pina said...

Good Luck to all of you! Keep writing.. Don't stop.
I say to The Corrupt Attorneys and Judge that handled my dead families Wills and Trusts, that have gone somewhere.
"Never underestimate the love of a daughter and sister" RIP guys I'll do the rest.