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Common Traits and Behaviors of Persons with Personality Disorders

Borrowed from Out of the FOG - Personality Disorder Support which I have listed in the links on the right hand side of this blog..

I'd like to bring parents that have been alienated a list of things I'd bet my life on they are very familiar with - symptoms of personality disordered persons...

I say they are probably familiar with these signs because now that I evaluate the list .. my estranged husband who has alienated my children from me .. shows every one of these signs..

I swear psychology should be taught in highschool and it should be mandatory!

Every one needs to know what to run away from ...

Common Traits & Behaviors

Every relationship between a Personality-Disordered Individual (PDI) and a Non Personality-Disordered Individual (Non) is as unique as the DNA of the people involved. Therefore there is no formula which can predict the development of any particular relationship or situation.

Nevertheless, there are some common behavior patterns associated with personality disorders, some of which you may recognize in your own situation. Some of them are described here.

Please note that these descriptions are not intended to be used in any kind of diagnosis or evaluation. Nobody exhibits all of these behaviors. Exhibiting some of these behaviors does not necessarily mean that you have a personality disorder.

These descriptions are offered in the hope that Non-PD's who read them might recognize their own situation and discover that they are not alone.

List of Common Behaviors

The Abusive Cycle


Always & Never Statements



Chaos Manufacture


Circular Conversations





Dissociation - Feelings Create Facts

Domestic Theft

Drama Majors & Drama Queens

Entitlement and Emotional Blackmail


False Accusations & Distortion Campaigns

Frivolous Litigation & Lawsuits

Jealousy and Fear Of Abandonment



Histrionic Behavior


Identity Disturbance

Lack of Conscience


Moments of Clarity

Mood Swings

Munchausen Syndrome

Munchausen By Proxy Syndrome


No-Win Situations

Parental Alienation

Passive Aggressive Behavior

Pathological Lying


Proxy Recruitment

Push-Pull Behavior


Seasonal Affective Disorder

Selective Memory & Selective Amnesia

Selective Competence

Situational Ethics

Self Harm

Self Loathing

Shaming and Invalidation

Sexual Allegations

Splitting - Idealization and Devaluation


Thought Policing

Commitment Testing


Violence, Raging & Impulsive Aggression

Other Behaviors

My Two Cents..

Take the time to read these.. then give yourself a realtiy check.. if after that reality check you are concerned.. continue reading out of the fog website and find out what actions to take and take them ...

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