Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Stop the Gender Wars

This morning I came across this site below. The article is on Parent Alienation..
Parent Alienation Syndrome.

I want to share part of the article with you.

I've decided to re-post only a paragraph but the power of these words hit me right smack in the center of the stomach..

I don't feel the need to copy the full article.. although it is a great article..

I'll just send you to the authors link for more...

My only wish is that alienated parents stop using gender when explaining PA/PAS.. as we've come to realize parent alienation is an abusers game.. it is NOT gender specific!

In part an article titled - The Phrase Women Love To Hate - states...

"Their target, the non-custodial parent, may be defeated in the courts. But the child will be defeated in life."

For more - “Parental Alienation” the Phrase Women Love to Hate « Penumbrook’s Weblog

Wake up America - Wake up special interest groups.. the lives you are destroying are NOT of one gender over the other.. you are NOT protecting victims of domestic violence by denouncing PA/PAS .. you are in fact HURTING the very victims you claim to be protecting.. the abused!

Yes men are caught up in domestic violence situations as well.. on the receiving end of it..
and yes women alienate - women abuse - stop the bullshit... and let abusers be held accountable whether or not they sit down or stand up to pee!

Save our children.. stop serving up our innocent children for YOUR AGENDA!

I sat in on a domestic violence group meeting a few months ago. They were talking about Alec Baldwin and his book.. they were making plans to sabotage his book signing.. and I was aware of the agenda that day.

I went to try to talk some sense into them.. to no avail.

However.. what I did find was that they were willing to acknowledge that parents of both sexes will alienate a child.. they were not willing to accept PA/PAS. When I put the illogical of that on the table.. I was told that PA/PAS is only used by abusers to blame protective mothers for keeping the children of the marriage away from the abuser.

Now normally I'm good at getting to the bottom of illogical thinking.. I' usually able to use logic to open peoples minds to other opinions.. opinions other than the ones they hold near and dear.. but not that time..

They are in DENIAL and refuse to see the truth! Not Denial as in "they CAN'T handle the truth.. as in someone who's been given a medical equivalent to a death sentence" because it will cause to much internal pain..

But they are in Denial as in "they REFUSE to handle the truth because it wont fit nicely into the lie.. denial as in lets keep this lie going.. we WON'T accept the truth!

So as I see it.. even tho they know alienation happens.. even tho there were women there that night quoting authors from books written for "women" in domestic violence situations.. stating that the abuser WILL USE THE CHILDREN against the target... they somehow twist the truth.. and denounce PA/PAS to work it into their little delusions.. that only women can be abused and only men use the term parent alienation/parent alienation syndrome against woman!

PHULEASEEEE stop the insanity!!

Women out there that KNOW parent alienation and parent alienation syndrome are real speak up- yell it from the rooftops.. force those special interest groups to face the cold hard facts..

(1) Abuse is NOT gender specific

(2) Alienation is NOT gender specific

(3) Alienation is done by people who feel entitled as is domestic violence

(4) Chances are that if you are being abused by someone that feels entitled to abuse you.. that same person.. will also feel entitled enough to align the children with them during the marriage and continue that pattern of abuse.

(5) PA/PAS is being denounced only to avoid FOOT IN MOUTH Syndrome by some.. and it's high time the rest of us face those sad facts!

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Anonymous said...

Louise, I so completely agree with you. Only a hardened person would reject the existence and activity of Parental Alienation in society. One but visit a support group for its victims to see how heinous and real it is.

Of course you know that I have a personal issue with a whole organization, Justice for Children, the group that took my precious daughter from me. In the last few days was an article posted in a law blog and on one of those rejector group blogs about one of their employees, Tom Burton. Again they reiterated that they reject PA, PAS. For the life of me I cannot understand how they with clear conscience could intervene and enter a courtroom with such confused belief.

Keep doing your good and noble work.
Robert Gartner