Saturday, March 7, 2009

My Personal Debate over Maternal Alienation and Parent Alienation

Grrrrrrrrrr some people are so irritating I swear... (use your imagnation to finish that statement!)

Today I came across a blog post about Parent alienation and how it's junk science.

So I decided to try to talk some sence into the author... it got to the point that if it were legal I'd bitch slap her across the room and then ask her .. WTF where are your brains?

So here it is.. the debate in all it's glory ...

You can either go to her page and read it .. or continue below her link to see the copy and pasted version..

Glenn's Cult?: Some of these men want your pity? NOT!!!

Here is her original post..

"Some of these men want your pity? NOT!!!"

Poor, poor Markypoo. He is mad at the IRS because they only recognize that ONE person has ONE home (as it should be). They say that a child has a custodial or primary home and a non-custodial (or secondary home).

My question is this: Why is this such a huge ordeal for a man, yet hundreds of thousands of women are being forcibly removed from their children's lives in the name os PAS and that means nothing? read more of Mark's little complaint below:

I found out something I didn't know. I have shared parenting.

I talked to IRS for about 45 minutes the other day. The revenue service that keeps track of all of our income does not acknowledge shared, joint or any other false terms. They told me it is either Custodial or non-custodial. I told them shared but she is considered residential.

They told me again we don't know any other terminology than custodial. In his words your state calls custodial, residential. Another way of falsely pacifying us men. Mark Ohio [Photo]

posted by Glenn's Cult? at 8:32 PM on Mar 6, 2009

Louise Uccio said...
What about the women/mothers who have been aliebated by the abuser? PA/PAS is NOT gender specific..and if you keep on fighting this war for those womens groups who refuse to accept that women also alienate.. you own children may be fighting against an abuser who manipulated the children using PA after the survivor left him. Wake up!

Glenn's Cult? said...
Because PAS IS junk science. We must show these bad parents (because some are women - not nearly as many women as men however) as abusers. We must NOT use junk science to remove a child from a parent. If a parent is abusing the child by saying negative things about the other parent that are FALSE then that is wrong and should simply be shown as such.But a parent who was abused or a protective parent should not have junk science used against them. And PAS is being used by abusive men who use it to remove a protective mother from a child's life.This MUST stop!!!!

Glenn's Cult? said...
I must also add Lousie, show me case histories where PA/PAS is alleged with mothers and fathers equally being accused and terrorized by its use. You will not be able to do that because PA/PAS is used in 95% of cases involving abusive men!!!!

March 06, 2009 10:46 PM
Parental Alienation Fraud Victim said...
To Louise Unccio, the proper terminology for a mother being deprived of being with her child as a form of abuse inflicted by a domestic abuser is Maternal Deprivation Abuse. It is extremely harmful to the child to be deprived of the love and support of the mother. It causes severe trauma, anxiety, and is THE WORST FORM OF ABUSE THAT ANYONE CAN INFLICT ON A CHILD.

My last post ...

I'm awaiting my last post to actually be approved where I remind them that it was my post on August of 2007 where I compared Maternal Alienation to Parent Alienation.. I also reminded them that Maternal Allienation is not yet accepted here in the U.S. so what should we tell our kids in the mean time.. oh wait can't help you yet the adults are acting like children and can't agree on what to label the horendous emotional abuse you are suffering at the hands of abusive custodial parents. Then I left the link to the original post back in 2007.

Disgusted with the system: Maternal Alienation is Parent Alienation with a twist


LK said...

You can't reason with a nut like that Louise. But it's great that she devoted a whole blog post to you.

There's no such thing as bad publicity.

Louise Uccio said...


Isn't it great.. the lenghts people will go to just to protect the lies?

Pretty sad if ya ask me.. but we know the truth!

Keep on keeping on!

Glenn's Cult? said...

Sadly I tried to have a conversation with you. We are not claiming Maternal Alienation, we are saying Maternal Deprivation - there is a big difference and there are studies on Maternal Deprivation. Rather than trying to assign labels (as I said in my blog posts repeatedly) why do we not call it what it is - abuse? I am a custodial mother, and my ex continues to try to degrade me to our children. Do I call it PAS, PA, alienation?

No I call it abuse, plain and simple, It is degrading abusive behavior. When we call it like it is, maybe we will get somewhere.

I have researched this issue and in my state appeals files (all are availble online), there have been over 1000 cases (that I have discovered to date) of custody cases in which PA or PAS is mentioned. There is only one case of a male being mentioned as the perp. This is not because most moms have custody - quite the contrary, it is because PAS - PA is primarily used against women.

I walk a thin tightrope with my children. I make sure they know that while their dad loves them - his feelings for me are quite the opposite (they see this as well so I am not badmouthing dad). I also explain to them this is normal in a divorce. This also should have no bearing on their feelings for him, that he does love them. However, I know he does not love them, he is only using them to exact his revenge, in fact our children return home from visits describing the nasty language used about me (ranging from the w word, to the c word, to the b word and more) and I just tell them I am sorry they had to hear such things. I ask them if they believe it, they say no, I allow them to vent their anger and again explain sometimes grownups have a hard time controlling their emotions and it is sad they have to suffer from hearing these things.

I am a different kind of mother however. I do allow my children to question decisions I make so they can learn. We discuss issues in my house so all can have a say. And so far it works.

But I digress here. Please stop using labels and call it what it is. ABUSE!!!!