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An 18-year-old from Mississauga, Ont., has made the unprecedented request to be granted custody of his two younger brothers in hopes of bringing an end to a decade of family "warfare."

"My concerns are not as to (which parent) is `right' or `wrong' ... but how to bring back some sanity to our family," says the teen's eight-page affidavit to the court. "My brothers and I are close. I think we have become closer with all the conflict. I am determined to make sure they are not harmed."

The teen claims his parents' ongoing conflict has turned his siblings into "subjects of some social engineering experiment."

There are many issues involved, but at its core the case is about parental alienation, or warring parents using their children as weapons against each other.

The soft-spoken teenager, who will soon turn 19, says his 12-and 14- year-old brothers are "at risk of serious harm," and he's prepared to put his education on hold, move out of his father's subsidized apartment and apply for welfare -- or sue his parents for support -- so he can raise his brothers and "end the conflict."

The two boys have been in foster care since last December, after they declined to participate in what the older brother considers "voodoo science" -- a controversial family workshop by U. S. parental alienation expert Randy Rand -- and then refused to return to live with their mother, the custodial parent.

The mother, concerned about her sons' mental stability and the ongoing alienation, had the younger ones admitted for an assessment by a child and adolescent psychiatrist at St. Joseph's Health Centre.

After five weeks, the doctor became concerned the children felt "so trapped in the legal system," and that it might create a dangerous sense of despair, so he recommended that they be taken into Children's Aid Society care.

The teen asked Mr. Justice Steven Clark to make him a party to the ongoing court case yesterday in a Brampton courtroom. He also asked Clark to forbid parental alienation experts from having anything more to do with his brothers.

A ruling on the teen's request for standing is expected April 20.

News Briefs - Peterborough Examiner - Ontario, CA

Here is another (anti PA/PAS) version of the same article-


To which I left this comment.. lets see if they allow it to be posted..

Let me ask you a question. Have you figured out which side of the PA.PAS fence you stand on? Obviously by the heading of this page you claim "Dangerous men, Killer Fathers" yet in this case it was the "father" that alienated the children.. as it was/is in my case.
So let me understand this.. when it's the father alienating.. your ok with the mother being further abused as long as you can yell junk science?

You need to figure out what your real objective is.. stoping domestic violence by either parent.. INCLUDING ALIENATING THE CHILDREN.. or is it just to trash PA/PAS no matter if it's the so called dangerous killer father extending his abuse by using/ALIENATING the children or not.

And another article on the same subject..

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My Two Cents-

This young man is a hero.. if what he's trying to do is stop the war of the parents from further destroying his brothers!

What a disgrace that he has to step in and be willing to put his life on hold to save his younger brothers.. his alienating parent should be ashamed!

God bless this young man.. if his intentions are sincere and he's not aligned with the alienator in... getting his brothers on one side or another without seeing the whole story.. of how alienation and alignment with one parent works..

He is a true hero in my eyes!

If there is anything I can do (besides monetary-- I'm piss poor) to help these kids..
please contact me.

The saddest part of this story is .. that these children have been emotionally abused so badly that if they ever recover as adults.. it'll take the rest of their lives to grasp the why and how of what's going wrong in their adult lives.. if they don't recover and understand what happened to them.. they will jump from one dysfunctional relationship to the next for ever and ever..

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Cold North Wind said...

Whatever the real story is in these "cases"- it remains that those who use PAS are subscribing to a set of ideas dreamed up in the mind of a propedophilic "man". When anyone allies themselves with PA or PAS- they are -perhaps unwittingly-aligning themselves with child abusers. By the term child abusers, I refer to raping snall children- as an example.When actual events are described- THEN someone can decide,if necessary- if the actions hurt a child. But as soon as pas or pa etc. gets thrown around- ALL credibility goes with it.These invented theories are most often used by abusive men against the protective mothers.

Louise Uccio said...

Cold North Wind,

I have a few questions for you and those others that think like you to ponder.

Are you/they aware of the "victim" mindset of black and white thinking?

Are you/they actually saying that ALL MEN who claim to be alienated parents are child abusers?

Are you/they saying that if I agree PA/PAS is NOT junk science then I'm aligning with ONE MAN (Richard Gardner)who by the way WAS NOT the first to recognise PA/PAS?

Isn't your way of thinking BLACK AND WHITE?

Perhaps you should read the links below..

'"...ways persons with disturbed characters tend to think." "Disordered characters also tend to perceive things in terms of black-and-white or all-or-none. They might take the position that if they can’t have everything they ask for, they won’t accept anything at all. If someone doesn’t agree with everything they say, they will frame it as not being valued or listened to in any way."' http://counsellingresource.com/features/2008/12/15/extreme-thinking/

'"Always" and "never," polar opposite words, tend to characterize the vocabulary of black and white thinkers. Black and white thinking means seeing the world only in terms of extremes. If things aren't "perfect," then they must be "horrible"' '" Falling victim to black and white thinking tends to exacerbate depression, marital conflict, anxiety, and a host of other everyday problems. Give yourself and the ones you love a break and discover the beauty of shades of gray."' http://www.sideroad.com/Self_Help/black-and-white-thinking.html

When we fall victim to Black and White Thinking, we have mistakenly reduced an entire spectrum of possibilities down to the two most extreme options, each the polar opposite of the other without any shades of grey in between. Often, those categories are of our own creation, and we are attempting to force the world to conform to our preconceptions about what it should look like."'
The basic attitude which lies behind Black and White Thinking can often play a role with other issues as well, particularly in how we evaluate the state of our lives. People who suffer from depression, even in mild forms, commonly view the world in black and white, categorizing experiences and events in extreme terminology that fits with their generally negative perspective on life."'