Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Connecting the Dots... Part 1 - Today I'm playing all of the John Lennon U-Tubes I can find.. why?

Part 1

This story will be told in parts.. make sure you read them in consecutive order.. for them to make any sense.. or not hahaha... sense to me at least... hope you can make sense of em for yourself...

Since last night I've been in a state of shock..

I truly didn't think that was possible..

I've been through hell and back..

TWICE! No No No dear child.. THREE TIMES!

Here I thought nothing would send me into another state of shock..

Having PTSD your pretty much on your toes..


Paying attention..

Thinking much clearer.. much thanks to on-going long term therapy..

Protecting yourself from further harm..

You can SMELL the trouble makers.. from a mile away... they can't get in.. your guard is up!

Waiting to catch one.. trying to sneak in past the DO NOT ENTER GATE ..

Your antenna's are up so you can smell em.. then attack and kill em for even thinking they were smart enough or sneaky enough to get through- Proverbially at least! How the *#&^$ did you get in?

I felt your presence a few times..I thought.. I smelled something.. But I.. like the rest of the good people.. wanted to believe..

I didn't realize it..

Kinda like the world was spinning so fast..

I didn't take a breather to figure it out..

In the beginning .. it was so perfect..

HA! Perfect.. the first warning sign!

To good to be true? Then surely.. it is!

The plan was ... or so I thought..

But was that the plan?

Who's plan was that?




The dog? The Cat? The neighbors? WHO???

Are you sure..

I thought it was..

Hmm thought.. there ya go again weezie.. trying to think..

Listen to this song while I take a breather.. I'll be back ...

YouTube - Mind Games - John Lennon

And here for your better understanding if you so wish.. to "get it" are the words to the song..

'Mind Games' Lyrics- John Lennon

Listen very very carefully.. I've known these words for decades.. yet today was the first time.. I really "got" what he was saying.. a life lesson for us all!

Perhaps it is because of my sixth grade education.. perhaps because I never paid "close" attention to much before .. but I never knew what the word "grail" meant.. Ha! If I had only known what this song..or understood all of it's components.. or what it all really meant...
or could have meant.. if applied to the self..

I would have made this sentence (below in parenthesis) my first thought every morning.. and I'll bet things would have been much different in my life.. Nah maybe not.. I had a LOT more self awareness.. and psych 101 through 2001 to learn...

(Some call it magic.. the search for the grail)

To be continued ...

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