Monday, March 16, 2009

Teens take custody battle to court

Two teenage sisters have been accused of "holding a gun" to their parents in a bizarre custody battle after they refused to leave their wealthy weekend dad and go home to their "depressed" weekday mum.

The sisters, aged 14 and 15, have taken their case to the Family Court, claiming their mother — who has raised them alone for the past 10 years — is depressive, swears and yells, and does not afford them the same independence as their father, who is a successful businessman now living on the Gold Coast with his new wife.

The court case highlights the plight of many divorced parents who steer their children through the strain and dreariness of Monday to Friday, only to see their children leave for weekend fun with the other parent.

"It is very different, it seems to me, parenting children during holiday or weekend time than it is parenting children during week-to-week time when they are involved in their week-to-week activities including school," Justice Peter Murphy said in an interim hearing, according to the Daily Telegraph.

"It seems clear that the father has spent very little, if any, day-to-day, week-to-week time with his young children and later adolescent children, attending to the sorts of duties and responsibilities that are highly likely to cause stress within any family household."

Justice Murphy acknowledged that the sisters loved their father but ordered that they return home to their mother each Monday to Friday pending an outcome to the full trial.

Teens take custody battle to court

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Julia Y said...

Wow, this article scares me. When my younger daughter was only 6 months old, my husband told me he had been having an affair for the pasttwo years and that he was in love with another woman. A year later, he left my two daughters and I to go live with this woman, while I was left at home with two very young children. Was I depressed? Hell yes. I was beyond depressed. I was unable to function for about a year.

I never wanted to be a single mother. It is beyond difficult to parent alone.

I feel so horrible for the poor mother who was left with the job of raising her two children alone, only to have them abandon her 10 years later. I also feel horrible for those children who most certainly did suffer if their mother was depressed.

How horrible for everyone. Her ex husband was the only one who won in this scenario.