Saturday, March 7, 2009

Andre' Thomas

I was asked this morning if I would post this.. more on that at the end of this blog..

In the mean time I want to ask my readers to read this cry from a mother and see if perhaps using the six degrees of seperation we can help her.

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I am the mother of Andre' Thomas. He was murdered exactly 17 months ago today on Oct.6,2007 in Kansas City, MO. he was sitting in Spring Valley Park on 27th & Euclid Ave @ about 9:30 p.m. when a gunmen entered the park & began shooting @ him.Chasing him & fatally shooting my son. There were wittnesses to this crime yet they have been unable or unwilling to help as of this time.We are looking for answers & I am trying to let as many poeple know about this as possible. As it is not a "high profile" crime it has been swept under the rug. Andre' was the oldest of 6 children & his death has left a sea of heart ache. Andre' was not doing anything wrong @ the time of his death & he was 1 block away from our home. I am unsure how or what to do to jump start this case and feel more hopeless as each day passes.

The murder of 17 year old Andre' Thomas -

Andre' Thomas (1989 - 2007)

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Every once in a while I recieve emails from readers commenting on this blog.. some take the time to read my story.. others comment on the energy it must take to bring this stuff all in one place to the public eye. Either way I love to hear from my readers. More often than I thought would happen someone asks me to link to their site or if I would post their personal story.

Of course I want to bring the corruption and abuse of our children to as many readers as possible.. not only abuses from child services.. but abuse of any kind.. where the victim was wronged in any way.

A few weeks ago.. Ryan the author of Crime Case Files wrote me an email. His email was very complimentary, as well as productive. He felt it would be great to link to each others pages in an effort to get the word out faster as to what's going on in the world.

How could I resist? Of course I added his link.. he's doing some amazing work!

This morning he emailed me again. This time he asked if I could help him with a case that was brought to his attention. He also mentioned that he didn't have time to do his homework yet on this case but asked me nonetheless if I would be interested in helping.

I get apx. 300 readers a day.. if one of those 300 readers sees this post and can help this mom.. you bet your sweet ass I'll help. I tried doing my own homework online.. to see what if anything I could come up with and I wasn't able to find any news paper articles on this case. Just what I have posted above.

Nonetheless.. I have decided to share this story with any links to it that I could find.. hope I can be of some help.

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Anonymous said...

I am the mother that wrote this.My son Andre' Thomas got very little news attention when this happened there were only brief stories in the Kansas City star most of which were about when I spoke to the park board about the need for lights to be put up in the park where my son was murdered.His story was on the Kansas City local news for a few days after he was murdered but in a city like that it doesn't stay in the news long.I will try to find the links & post them.Thank you for all you are doing!!!
A broken hearted mom