Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Connecting the Dots Part 3

So.. if it wasn't about putting one dot here . and another there .

What was it?

It was/is about using my mind..

That simple?


But when all is said and done.. yes it really is.. that simple..


Stop wanting.. or needing.. so badly!

See things for what they ARE - not what you WISH THEY WERE!

Ok.. before I go any further.. I need to tell ya that the relationships I am about to speak of below.. in relation to how they are effecting me.. or why they are in my life .. are fictional..

I will do this to protect the innocent.. or is it the guilty? Hmm food for thought! It's all about perception.. perception my dear.. perception!

Self Improvement, It's All in the Perception: the Law of Attraction - Amazines.com Article Search Engine

For those of you that know me in real life.. I'm sure you couldn’t miss my MIA status lately.. missing from myself that is.. half here.. half not here.. somewhat responsive.. more "distracted" almost detached.. not returning phone calls.. not replying in emails.. almost sorta kinda "stuck somewhere" in a daze? Maybe.. in denial? perhaps?... in a whirl wind? Yeah that's it .. stuck in the smoke and mirrors.. Ahh yes that's it! All of the above!

A while back .. the mother of a close friend of mine.. wanted to buy me a house warming gift.. I know this woman.. and quite frankly I don't like her.. but due to my relationship/friendship with this woman's adult child.. I had to play nice.. so I accepted the offer..

There were these inspirational pillows.. I had seen that were so beautiful.. I had to have them.... now you say you want to buy me something? Sure.. get me those pillows!

So I cut out the ad I had seen them in.. this way there was no mistake.. I tell her the store she can find them in.. and I wait..

FYI The pillows had phrases that fell under the headings.. Love.. Life.. Believe.. Happiness.. and so on..

I assumed (yeah I know.. what happens when you assume- but I figured how bad could it be.. they were all beautiful) anywho.. I assumed that this woman would have picked out two or three different headings.. she knew they were going in the same room...

I was wrong.. a few months after I had given her the coupon and the picture.. a box arrived.. it was now very close to Christmas.. and I figured .. Hmm ok this person is devious and manipulative .. this is probably her way of getting out of buying a Christmas gift (don't ask.. I couldn’t keep her identity a secret if I have to go into more detail) So anywho.. she is more or less obligated to "show" she's playing nice every year with a Christmas gift.. and what better way to get out of it than to stall the house warming gift .. so that it arrives just in time for Christmas!)

Ehh whatever.. I hate her .. she hates me.. were even.. but for the rest of the world.. we attempt to play nice.. whenever possible!

Sorry I got distracted.. back to the house warming/Christmas gift..

I open the box.. and there are two pillows.. both of them are the same sayings... BELIEVE... all things are possible if you believe..

Great saying.. right? I'm going through so much &$#@ with the courts.. here I think .. wow .. this woman.. has a heart after all.. what a nice pillow to chose.. as if to say .. believe.. and you'll get what your after.. Your kids and justice!

Oh man.. that was problem number one.. ever thinking that this woman was anything but evil! Ever thinking that she didn't have an ulterior motive for everything she does.. including breathing.. her ulterior motive for breathing is to torture everyone that has the misfortune of crossing her path!

Anywho.. let me take you back to that time frame...

I call her and thank her for the lovely pillows..

She says.. "I'm sorry they both say the same thing.. I waited to long to purchase them and by the time I got to the store they were all sold out .. so I had the salesperson contact every other bed bath and beyond until they were able to find those two sitting in storage ready to go back to the manufacturer.. allegedly the pillows weren't selling and the store decided it wouldn’t re-order.

Ehh.. sounds innocent enough.. I'll buy it..

Now for a moment.. let me take you back .. a few years.. to my earlier encounters with this evil evil woman..

She was telling her adult child.. why she didn't like me..

Her version went something like this .. as she described me..

"She's lived to much life"

Hmmm .. I've lived to much life and that makes a difference to your world ...how?

That sentence was one of those that got embedded in the walls of my brain.. something to never forget.. something to pull apart at a later date.. something to perhaps ... associate with when something else reared it's ugly head.. and may have been the answer to why it was said...

Why on God's green earth would this woman care.. how much life I've lived?

Why would this woman.. not be sympathetic to...or understanding of.. how much life I've had to live?

What would possess her to make such a statement in relation to why she thought her adult child should steer clear of me?

Nah.. it didn't make sense to me at the time.. what gives?

Ohhh come.. naive.. innocent child.. let me explain..

to be continued..

In the meantime- check this out if you want to better understand perception.. and how it can make all the difference! Perception, beliefs, empowering beliefs, happiness, grief

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