Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Connecting the Dots Part 4

We were up to the.. why would it matter.. how much life I've lived or not in relation to my being close to this evil woman's adult child..

I'll bet your thinking ...Really .. do tell.. what gives?

Ohhh man.. O man.. if it werent for education.. I wouldn't ever have figured out why she made that statement..

The only answer I can come up with is the amount of pain and destruction I had lived prior to meeting this evil woman's adult child would have caused anyone to be suffering from PTSD..

Ok C'mon.. work with me here .. your thinking... Yeah .. ok and?

Yeah and .. when you suffer from PTSD your so in tune to abusers that you smell them coming.. and Umm this woman is a full fledged card carrying abuser..

So she feared I'd figure her out soon enough...

Work with me here.. tell me your not thinking.. sure that's why she said it.. most people don't know that ...

Ha! Again.. perhaps you need more info to connect the dots..

This isn't your everyday evil woman.. Ohhhh no .. she's a special kind of evil.. she's an colledge level masters.. educated in psychology.. kind of evil.. she's a special ed teacher.. for foster care children..with special needs.. understanding psychology isn't new or foreign to her.. she knows it all!

Those pillows weren't to be taken at face value.. Ohhh hell no!

She wanted to send a message ... BELIEVE! Not about believing in yourself.. no no no that would be closer to healthy.. not this piece of work.. oh no her goal.. her message was to believe the lies.. believe the conflicting messages..Believe even tho the words and actions don't match.. just believe and you too can live in fantasy land .. where nothing is as it appears.. and nothing is real but the lie!

Don't dig any further.. don't try to figure out beyond the smoke and mirrors... no no no .. just believe!

Betray.. the truth.. betray what you know is real.. just believe!

to be continued...

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