Thursday, January 1, 2009

Co-Parenting with or Divorcing or Divorced from abusive partner who you believe is or may be a Narcissist, Borderline, Psychopath + + ?

I came across this blog (below) today.. linking the concept that PA/PAS is the result of co-parenting with an abusive personality disordered partner.

I am asking every reader to please take the survey.. then post this information somewhere else !!

This info should be shared far and wide by men and women alike!

Perhaps if enough parents prove that PA/PAS is not gender specific but in fact an extension of Domestic Violence .. aka abusers tactics (male or female) would of course include continuing the emotional abuse by alienating the children of the partnership.

***Attention Parents who co-parent children with a pathological parent!!!!!!!****** « Sweetcardomom’s Weblog and Resource Site

The Institute for Relational Harm Reduction & Public Psychopathy Education Home of ” How to spot a dangerous man before you get involved & ” Women who love Psychopaths’ books, is working a new project and one close to my heart. Please take a minute to take this important survey so Sandra Brown can complete her project to help all these poor kids that are being victimized and abused because the courts are not prepared to deal with the important issues of pathological parenting.

Thank you in advance! ~sweetcardomom

The Institute’s Next Writing Project

We are currently researching about the effects of pathologicals on their children. This includes Parental Alientation Syndrome and other negative effects that pathology has on young developing children.

We will begin working on this in January so we need as many of you as possible who are co-parenting or a better description of it is ‘parallel parenting’ to take our survey so we have plenty of info to write from.

Not enough info — no new product!

Help us make a dent in the court system as we study the effects of the pathological’s parenting style on children!

Take our survey so we can document what these people DO to children!

Here’s the link:

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