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Biological daughter of Adam Herrman's adoptive parents contacts KSN

UPDATE- on - Disgusted with the system: Kan. lawmaker seeks audit for case of missing boy

By Anthony Powell
Story Created: Jan 6, 2009 at 10:31 PM CST
Story Updated: Jan 7, 2009 at 12:33 PM CST
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WICHITA, Kansas -- The e-mail was sent by Crystal Herrman, verified by those who know her as the biological daughter of Doug and Valerie Herrman.

In her letter, Crystal hints that she and her brother may have been the ones who called authorities last month.

The call began the search for her long lost adopted brother.

"We started this, which was hard against our own parents as we were not adopted," Crystal said. "But we want more than anything to find the truth, answers and justice."

Crystal also talks of Adam being abused.

"We pray every day our parents will come forward," Crystal said. "Do the right thing not only for what they already put Adam through in the past, but to make it right for him now."

Meanwhile, a former relative, who says she remains close to one of Valerie Herrman's sisters, says the sister told her that Valerie recently commented, "They can dig up the whole state of Kansas, they'll never find a body."

While the Herrman's attorney, Warner Eisenbise, admits his clients are worried they could be charged with murder, Eisenbise says there's no evidence to warrant that.

He continues to call the Herrmans good people, who had nothing to do with Adam's disappearance.

Meanwhile, Butler County Sheriff Craig Murphy said Tuesday an intensive search, which will include canines, will be done Saturday in the woods around the Whitewater River area west of Towanda.

"One of the things that we found is a lot of times the woods are a place where stuff is dumped," Murphy said. "When I say stuff, I'm talking about what could be evidence, could be bodies."

The sheriff continues to hope that someone around the county might know Adam's whereabouts. He appeared Tuesday evening on CNN.

"We've searched military records, we've searched social security, birth dates, drivers licenses, we've even looked in the prison systems nationwide," Murphy said on CNN.

The Sheriff also told KSN Tuesday, detectives are preparing a search warrant, but he would not say where it might be executed.

Anyone with information about Adam Herrman is asked to call the Butler County Sheriff's Department at 316-322-4257.

Stay with KSN for the latest on this developing story.

Biological daughter of Adam Herrman's adoptive parents contacts KSN

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