Thursday, January 15, 2009

Please bring 12th place topic -- bridging the empathy gap-- to make the cut of the top 10 with your vote today

A friend of mine asked me to blog the information below.. It is very important so here it is.. take a second out and vote!

This email was sent to her

Hello Xxxxxx ,

The last day of voting for the Ideas for Change in America competition is today! On Friday we will present the top 10 ideas to the Obama administration at the National Press Club in Washington, DC. We'll then connect the winning ideas to leading nonprofits and launch a series of national advocacy campaigns to turn each idea into federal policy.

You have voted for the following idea:

Bridging the Empathy Gap - Yes We Can! (12th Place)

=0 A You can help support this idea by forwarding this email to friends or posting links to your favorite ideas on sites like Facebook, MySpace, Twit ter, or any blog you might write.

You also have 9 votes remaining, and we encourage you to finish voting for your list of "Top 10 Ideas" by going to before voting ends at 5pm Eastern this Thursday, Jan. 15.

We started the Ideas for Change in America initiative in the hope that we could translate the energy behind the Obama election into a citizen-led movement for change around the major issues we face.

With over 500,000 votes thus far, each of you has helped deliver a clear message to the Obama administration that the American people want to participate in their own government again. For that, we thank you. And we can't wait to work with each of you to continue this momentum after the competition ends. In the meantime, best of luck20for each of the ideas you support! -

The Team

Then she sent this to me.. and I post it for you!

Hi Everybody,

This is the second round of voting for and this topic completely deserves to move to the top TEN--Bridging the Empathy Gap.

Please take the time to vote today. This is the last chance to be heard. I have attended three seminars in Nonviolent Communication the method for bridging gaps between people .

This is a process that needs to start with small children and become part of our way of being
because we need to bring the process into the institutions of government, into the justice system for example.

Eighty percent of released convicts are back in jail within three years in New York State.

There has to be a better way to deal with all manner of conflict because what we are doing now is obviously not working.

Nearly fifty percent of marriages end in divorce.

The divorce courts are clogged and drag on for years.

Don't I know.

We need a new national consensus for dealing with all kinds of conflict.

Please vote for Bridging the Empathy Gap today.

President Obama needs to hear from people who care about fundamental change in the way we approach conflict and what is a viable way to bring awareness to the way we treat each other=2 0ways that will meet all of our needs.

Let's stop watering the weeds and let's tell President Obama that we need a bridge for =2 0 the empathy gap not a bridge to nowhere by voting for this on the link.

This is NOT pie in the sky. Please vote today. We have to start somewhere in a concrete way that has a track record for bringing people together to solve human conflict. I know this process works. I have seen it happen.

Thank you so much for taking the time to be heard. Please feel free to call me today at xxx-xxxx- xxxx if you have any questions about this.


(Name and phone Number deleted to protect the innoent)

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