Friday, January 23, 2009

Child Abuse Hot Line Call Placed Against DCF Commissioner

January 23, 2009

Child Abuse Hot Line Call Placed Against DCF Commissioner

Staff Writers
Connecticut DCF Watch

Hartford, CT - A call was placed today with the Department of Children and Family hot line against present DCF Commissioner, Susan Hamilton for her resent DWI arrest in North Haven, CT.

The caller was incensed that Susan Hamilton proclaims that she is interested in protecting children yet by her behavior of being drunk behind the wheel she put at risk the children of Connecticut and possibly her own children in the past.

The caller also stated that he was concerned that Hamilton has a history of DWI/drug abuse and had her own children in the car in the past. We do not know if Hamilton was also under the influence of medications or illegal drugs but alcohol is a drug. This was the first time she got caught drinking and driving.

Governor M. Jodi Rell needs to remove Hamilton from her present position immediately without pay and make it permanent there after because Hamilton put at risk the children of Connecticut as well as the residents of the state.

The Governor, DCF and Attorney General, Richard Blumenthal can not and should not sweep this under the rug and allow DCF put Hamilton under the process all parents have gone through. Hamilton needs to be drug tested and her home be turned upside down by unlicensed social workers.

Connecticut DCF Watch
National Civil Rights Advocates For Families
P.O. Box 9775
Forestville, CT 06011-9775


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LK said...


Is there a link to this article?

LK said...

It's a good thing that we have such concerned citizens looking out for the well being of us all. Don't you think?

I applaud this caller.

LK said...

Here's a video about this BTW.

Louise Uccio said...
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Louise Uccio said...

Pat.. I didn't get the link.. when I have one I always post it..

That article came from Connecticut DCF Watch they may have one...

Thanks for the link to the video

Louise Uccio said...

I couldn't agree more!

Well that is the message the child protective services sends out right? If you see something say something!

Magnus said...

it's great to see that accountability is at the forefront. protecting the innocent victims is paramount. it's great to see this article.