Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Pope Led Cover-up of Child Abuse by Priests??

I came across this article this morning and found it interesting..

The Pope played a leading role in a systematic cover-up of child sex abuse by Roman Catholic priests, according to a shocking documentary to be screened by the BBC tonight.

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ESOTERICA ECLECTICA - Pope Led Cover-up of Child Abuse by Priests


JQ75 said...

While there is no way to defend child abuse by anyone, least of all those in the position of extreme trust, the idea that there was a conspiracy that rose all the way to Pope John Paul II, one of the best popes in recent history, seems as unlikely as the US government being involved in 9/11.

There are a group of people who see conspiracies everywhere. The tone of the blog you referenced seems very much in that vain. The Catholic Church understands what it did wrong and the odds of it reoccurring seem quite close to zero.

There are many other areas of power, including our own federal legislature that would seem to deserve the scrutiny in this area.

Not to mention the various forms of abuse of children and parents done by the family court and its officers every day in every state as you cover in this informative blog.

JQ75 said...

After reading further I guess I need to amend my remarks. The story indicts the current pope when he was a cardinal under the then Pope John Paul II.

I'd also like to point out that the blogger's source was "clipped from" here.. Even though this appears to be a legitimate news agency it still seems hard to believe in a time when the church was condemning these actions.

The tragedy of the continued press on these abhorrent acts as they occurred in the Catholic Church is that it seems to discount the real possibility that other power structures may also be practicing self protection policies to protect their wrong doing.

That is the real lesson of this tragedy and that should dictate that we look for power abuses in other entities, to assume that these abuses only occurred in the Catholic Church would be fool hardy and to ignore the most important lesson in this. History is destined to repeat itself unless we learn that lesson.