Saturday, July 26, 2008

Parent's Day

Watch CNN's and other media tickers today.

I bet they have something to say about Parents Day today and tomorrow.

15 Thousand Special Parent's Day Messages Sent Out Today, maybe you can cut and paste and send the below to who you know too!

Lary Holland

Where does your state place in Getting Involved?

Everyone has heard of Mother's Day and Father's Day, but few actually knew there was a collective federal holiday referred to as "Parent's Day" coming up this Sunday until YOU let them know. Be sure to announce it to everyone and we appreciate you taking time out of your day to help make parents important once again. Please publish pertinent information from this message accordingly.

By operation of federal law (US Code, Title 36, Section 135), the fourth Sunday in July is officially known as Parents Day, and every level of local, state and federal government is directed by this law to officially recognize the importance of parents in the lives of children "through proclamations, activities, and educational efforts" - i.e., for once, government HAS to agree with us, and also put it in fancy writing for us, and do something "educational" about it, just for the asking... You can also see the same law here and here and here.

One mayor practically declared war on behalf of parents against government intrusion in this Proclamation that was issued compliments of the United Civil Rights Council of America.

So as you are enjoying this weekend, know that it is up to you, the press, our churches, our families to remind everyone that government should respect and PROTECT parental rights to be just that...parents.

If you see a mother or a father, remind them that July 27, 2008 is in honor of them and encourage parents to work together on behalf of raising the next significant generation of children that will lead this great nation.

If nothing else, make mention of the National Civil Rights event for parents coming up this August 15 & 16 in honor of all those great parents out there. Many Legislators, Candidates, and Organizations are all in support of parenthood, so spread the word about tomorrow being such an important day. Check out the site as well to see information regarding several Constitutional Amendments being proposed and more.

Where we have a government that thinks it has the apparent authority to confiscate children at will, as we can see from the recent issues in Texas earlier this year, something needs to be done.

Sincerely,Lary Holland


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Lary Holland said...

Thank you so much for covering this extremely important issue regarding parental and civil rights!

Lary Holland