Sunday, July 6, 2008

Open Letter to Chief Judge Judith Kaye:

A friend of mine asked me if I would publish an open letter she/he has written... on my blog.

Of course I will .. so with no further delay..

Law Guardian Investigation

Dear New York State Chief Judge Judith Kaye:

What is the status of the investigation into Law Guardian Richard Katz?

In 2006, three years after Deputy Inspector General Carol Hamm told me that "everyone lies" and they couldn't do anything, Larry McDonald,the investigator for the Public Integrity Unit of the Attorney General 's Office told me that there was "obvious misconduct and malfeasance" in my complaints against law guardian Richard Katz in my case.

The next thing I knew was that IG Sherrill Spatz was telling me she changed her mind and decided not to refer my complaint to the AG.

She then said I could complain to Harriet Weinberger about Richard Katz.

I did.

What investigation took place? If any? Was it with the use of subpoena power? If not, why not?

I recently attended a meeting in which a list of law guardians available for appointment in family court in Richmond County was circulated.

Mr. Katz was on the list.

Why am I still not told whether there was any serious investigation and what were the results?
How is it that Richard Katz, a law guardian paid with state funds, could be allowed to lie to the court and then self impeach a year later and under oath say the opposite in an affirmation to Judge Maltese?

Did anyone look into this obvious misconduct and malfeasance that led to the stripping of my right to be heard before my children were sent to an alienating parent two states away before
I got to put on a word of my case?

Why are there no steps being taken to effectively address restorative justice in my case or in the cases I have proposed for the intervention?

I am asking for real answers, not rote phrases and efforts to absolve the system of its responsibility..."as an attorney, you should know...blah blah blah.

We all have a need for integrity, not empty phrases and passing the buck and the burden to the victiimzed parent and litigant.

I am asking for your muscle and your brains and your heart to work with me in creating the template.

We do not have the luxury of ignoring this problem any longer.

I am sorry if this sounds harsh.

I do need your help. And I believe you need mine and the peer advocates who are working with me.


"A Shattered Parent"


My Two cents... Ok so maybe it's more like a nickle..

Sadly, this problem isn't new to our courts see link(s) below.

Disappointingly , the issues in our courts have not been efficiently addressed at best, and have been blatently ignored at worst.

See link below where in part it states.. "But critics say that requiring litigants to prove corruption in each of their cases is too steep a bar for everyday people who do not have subpoena powers or wiretaps."

The New York Times > New York Region > Aggrieved Parties in Divorce Court Get No Relief in Scandal

And this later story showing it is still happening ...

Where another dear friend of mine is quoted as saying "After all, as Karlene Gordon, a survivor of domestic violence who lost custody of her children, said: "If the courts do not follow the law, there is no way mothers can get justice."

FYI, anyone that knows me KNOWS without a doubt, I do not believe that only women are being abused by the courts.. it just so happens that both these stories highlight women.

Men are raked over the coals in court and I know that.

Once we stop allowing the powers that be to keep us divided using our genders, then and only then, will ABUSERS of both sexes, on and off the bench be held accountable for the destruction of our future .. our children.

The complaints go on and on and on ...

Expose Corrupt Courts: AG Andrew Cuomo Planning Amnesty for State Judges and Lawyers

Is anyone concerned about the corruption in the ny court system - Topix

N.Y. Bribery Case Casts Shadow on Divorce Court

Oh and it's not only in New York...

Family Injustice - Main Page

Nor is the problem gender specific ..

Exiled Fathers

My final thoughts for now..



wommon4justice said...

Just reminding you that I'm with you...fighting this battle against corruption in court...making a journey towards a better system of justice in America. Lots of people are with you. Don't let discouragement get you.

trevor said...

I admire your courage to post an open letter.

When ever I saw the name (Same judge)_By the way I had all family offenses dismissed against myself ( a law abiding father), I said to myself, why SO?!!! Why does family court pass Orders of protection like free candy !! Again, seems you are a lady, and with due respect as you deserve.

Carry on Mam ! these courts just bleed plaintiffs/defandants loose sleep/hard earned money, as much as they can earn. Lets see a judger getting laid off, and to see for themselves what it means and making it tough on parents (Mothers/fathers)


PS : My e mail/respionse is more far reaching than few might read as.

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