Saturday, July 26, 2008

ABC Does Piece on Child Support Enforcement's Harassment of Soldier in Iraq

July 26th, 2008 by Glenn Sacks

ABC in Chicago just did a piece about Army Sergeant Joshua Hinkle, who is battling the state of Illinois over child support while he is stationed in Iraq. I helped one of the ABC producers with the story, and I think they did a good job in explaining Hinkle's side.

Like most so-called "deadbeat dads," Hinkle hasn't been perfect, but he hasn't been bad either. He had a child when he was in high school, and it took him a little while to begin paying child support. He also had problems paying child support during periods of unstable employment.

On the other hand, he has paid a considerable amount of child support and made an honest effort to eliminate his arrearages. It's real hard to see how it benefits his children to have Illinois Division of Child Support harassing him like this. It's also hard to see how it's fair to him.

From Fighting for his country fighting against Illinois (7/23/08):

It is a story of fractured families, empty bank accounts and missing money.

When the I-Team received an email from Army Sergeant Joshua Hinkle a few weeks ago, it first caught our attention because it was sent from Camp Bucca in Iraq.

The soldier wrote that he was suffering a great injustice: the state of illinois, he claimed, had cleaned out his entire bank account for child support.

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A collective thank you to Glenn for working on this story...

And for Lizzianthus007 for bringing the original Story to my attention..


Daddy still loves you. said...

If you think that a bad story you should hear mine...

I kicked my ex wife out of the house because she was beating the kids.

So the courts thought it was a good Idea to give her the kids and make my Child support so high it was impossible to pay it with out living in a box on lower Wacker drive in Chicago.

So needless to say I'm now about 40K behind and they are taking my Drivers license so I can't even take my son to school.(Which is also illegal BTW)

I haven't worked in 15 years because of this so I'm a house DAD now because if I work then she can't because some one has to take my son to school and pick him up.

Every law office I talk to wants money to fix this mess which we do not have because of this history of child support abuse we have been going through on top of having my daughter taken away from me and being permanently denied visitation by her mother..

This system is so broken it needs to be totally scrapped. No one should EVER place a dollar sign on a child's head.

I will most likely have no other recourse then to move out of the country.

This is not an exaggeration of my situation at all in case you might be thinking that. The fact is that I have left some things out that might disturb rational people that have gone down during this so the situation is actually about 10 times worse then I have stated.

Good luck straightening this out with the courts because I can guarantee you that no one is listening.

If I was you I just wouldn't come home from Iraq. Fathers have absolutely no rights here even if they say they do.

Your screwed.. Welcome to my world...

Mrs. Stewart said...

I am trying to sue the state of Illinois over harassing my husband and threatening him while they are taking $500 A WEEK out of his paychecks!! They have continuously harassed him even though he has always cooperated with them. Now they are threatening to take action against him.....for what you might ask.....I wish I knew because it can't be that he is not paying the support ordered because they are garnishing WAY more then what he was ordered to pay by the judge!!