Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Deadbeat dad wanted to kill judge, says prosecutor


Tuesday, July 29th 2008, 7:24 PM

A jailed deadbeat dad bragged to other prisoners that he would kill the judge "who gave his house away" to his ex-wife, the Suffolk district attorney said Tuesday.

Brian Orkiszewski, 49, told an inmate at the county's minimum security jail in Yaphank that the Family Court judge "will have a big surprise when I knock on his door," DA Thomas Spota said.
Orkiszewski was upset the judge awarded the $300,000 made from the sale of his
East Northport home to his former spouse, Lynda, prosecutors said.

"He made no bones about it. He was shopping for a handgun to murder the judge," Spota said. "There is no doubt in my mind that this man was serious about what he intended to do."

Defense attorney Anthony Grandinette called Orkiszewski's comments jailhouse ranting by a frustrated man down on his luck.

"He's frustrated. He's angry. He's depressed. He said some stupid statements off the cuff," Grandinette said of his client, a former Verizon employee. "However, there was no intent of carrying out those words that he spoke in frustration."

Spota said detectives intercepted a note Orkiszewski sent to another inmate asking for help in purchasing a handgun.

"He wrote that after his release from Yaphank, he needed to shop right away at 'the hardware store,' which are the code words he used for gun supplier," Spota said. In another letter, Orkiszewski "asked for the telephone number of the person from whom he could obtain 'a good plunger,' a code word for a gun," Spota added.

Authorities would not release the name of the Family Court judge Orkiszewski allegedly wanted to kill, but Spota said it was not the judge who sent Orkiszewski to jail three months ago for failing to pay child support.

Suffolk Judge William Kent presided over the Orkiszewskis' divorce, though authorities would not confirm he was the target of Brian Orkiszewski's rage.

Orkiszewski was divorced three years ago. More than a year ago, he fell down a fire escape while working for Verizon, fracturing three vertebrae and rupturing two spinal disks, Grandinette said. The injuries left him unable to work and pay child support, the lawyer said.

Appearing haggard and notably uncomfortable, Orkiszewski ambled into Suffolk County Judge Robert Doyle's courtroom yesterday to plead not guilty to grand jury charges of conspiracy and criminal solicitation. Doyle ordered him held in jail on $250,000 cash bail.

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My three cents..


Before anyone wants to start rumors..

I WILL SAY .. I DO NOT CONDONE what this man did.. said.. or didn't do or didn't say..


I will say .. until you have walked in his shoes.. until you have been abused by a Family Court Judge.. don't make judgement calls..

I will say .. I have been abused by our justice system beyond what the average person would be able to tolerate.. and although I've never said I wanted to kill anyone.. I have wished horrible bus accidents or Bear/Shark attacks.. or being struck by lightening for those that knowingly abuse Innocent parents and children.

But .. again the difference is.. I pray when these horrible acts of God happen to those that caused the emotional trauma of me and my family (others and their families) .. I pray they LIVE very long miserable lives after the fact... I pray they live .. crippled.. in pain.. and vulnerable to others.. perhaps then they will then understand what they viciously put innocent parents through.


Anonymous said...


Louise Uccio said...

I usually block the person aboves comments because I know who it is and they usually have nothing better to do than threaten or harass me..

They have nothing to do but watch my blog daily.. guess their life isn't all they think it is...

But the above comment makes a lot of sense.. they said "what goes around comes around" I hope they remember those words when it's their turn to have it come around.. because I'm done with my share of having it come around... now it's time for them to get whatever the man above decides their fate should be...

They should have thought about what might come back to bite them on the ass when they started this war... but I know they worship the devil and didn't think there was a man upstairs watching every evil they did...

It's beginning to look like they thought WRONG!

Below is some of their searches that led to my page.. sad huh? Staten Island ________________________
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