Thursday, July 17, 2008

Estranged Husband asks the court for a GAG ORDER!

I'm busy today finishing the fourth copy of the Writ to present to the First Department Appellate Division... so I haven't had time to scan in the latest hogwash.. but now that I'm copying a transcript I have a min so here goes..

The estranged husband filed a motion to SILENCE THIS BLOG - and asked to for CHILD SUPPORT ENFORCEMENT- and for a PROTECTIVE ORDER for my DISCOVERY DEMANDS.. I can't help but think.. FRAUD? FRAUD? FRAUD? Now they wanna shut me up .. why? Ohhh DUH .. so it's NOT exposed... TO LATE!

Wonder what else they have in mind that they're afraid will get out?

Jail perhaps.. for my inability to function/work/or get through the day... therefore unable to pay the ransom... I mean child support that was procured on fraudulent custody orders?

Then OOPPZZZ accidentally doubled child support I ended up owing him...yet never reassessed to reflect the true arrears?

Arrears? on fraudulent custody orders that went into effect April 03 - when in fact the legal kidnapping.. I mean change in custody.. didn't happen until 04?

Oh wait.. forget all that.. how about the 38K HE OWED ME THAT DISAPPEARED BEHIND CLOSED DOORS..

What a racket... let's hope (blank and blank)(names of officials that I hand delivered the Writ to are omitted for a reason) get to the bottom of this!

But for now.. IF it appears that I've been silenced.. well it's only Richmond County ignoring the laws again.

If I have time later I'll post their motion.. if not .. well I'll be back!


LK said...

Don't ever shut up!

Anonymous said...

Me and my husband decided to allow me and my 2 kids to leave California to move to Arkansas to be closer to my parents. Me and my husband went from getting evicted from his deceased mother's house to apt to living out of hotel. I packed up and he took us to the train station on our journey. Its been a year now, and this summer, he wanted the kids to come visit. Being their father and all, I allowed them to go. School is about to start and he won't return my kids (ages 8 & 2)Is this kidnapp? Im now in California to try to get my kids back, but noone knows where he lives or where my kids are. What do I do now?