Wednesday, July 2, 2008

letter from Senator Nancy Schaefer to the families of CPS - DFCS

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July 2, 2008

Dear Friends,

I am writing this letter to many of you who have contacted me with your painful and heart wrenching account of the removal of your children by Child Protective Services (CPS). Others of you are grandparents who have witnessed the loss of your grandchildren. Many of you have lost everything fighting CPS and many of you have written or called me to say you want to help expose the Corruption of CPS and still others of you have, or are working in CPS and have courageously called to share the truth.

Thank you, dear hearts, for you stand and for your willingness to be involved at all costs. Thank you, to the many of you, who are fighting the system for your children. Please do not give up.

I am in a campaign to maintain my Senate seat here in Georgia. It is very time consuming and I haven’t been able to contact many of you recently. I want you to realize, however, that I will continue to fight
for you and I am planning to battle even harder when this campaign is over.

I have kept all of your letters and your emails and the information from your phone calls. I plan to use much of it in the days ahead.

The Primary here in Georgia is July 15th. That is not long. Please pray that I will be victorious and that I will not have to go through a run-off, which would be an extra three weeks.

I have a copy of my article: “The Corrupt Business of Child Protective Services” on my website. Please go to if want to read it or forward it on to others.

I am also trying to find someone in every State who will be willing to help anyone who has been confronted by CPS/DFCS without cause.

My assistant, Jody Thompson and I pray for you daily and have deep concerns for you and your children. My campaign will be over soon and I will immediately return to the projects and legislation needed to improve the lives of parents and children.

God bless you.

Most sincerely,

Senator Nancy Schaefer

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My Quarters Worth..

Folks if you're in Senator Schaefer's District please vote for her.. get your friends .. family.. heck get your enemies and get them to vote for her.

This woman is a special woman and we want her moving up all the way to President.

She has heart and soul.. I've had personal contact with her and I vouch for her 900000000000000000 % (not that my vouching for her means anything) but this woman and others like her are what we want need in every State..

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memaw said...

You are wonderful to post this. I am praying that she wins the election tonight. I am in Florida and hope to hear from her soon telling me the results. Senator Schaefer is a Godsend and she has helped many. My story is the one she begins with in the on CPS corruption. I am the grandmother in florida. God bless you and I hope everything works out for you and your family. Leslie