Friday, July 18, 2008

GAG Order Update

UPDATE - Including links to the Orders

Well.. here goes .. I'm no attorney but the law is the law.. and I found what I could to answer her Motion.. which is here ...

And my reply which is here...

So I guess we'll see..


Anonymous said...

Good luck with this. Eventually you will prevail. And it sounds like you are closer than you think.

This not a good move on the other sides part. It's admitting that it isn't about the child support, its about your free speech.

Also its their last card; the child support issue. Somewhere you have scored some major hits to get this reaction. So for them to play it now along with a gag order; its like telling the judge their position is weak.

annelieseRN said...

I am having the same problem, are you fighting in family court? I myself was falsely accused and my baby's father has custody. But I am getting no where in family court so I believe I am going to try to do something in civil court.

[ Click here for my story ]

It is just terrible the way the courts try to bully you. First, freedom of speech and the press is a constitutional right!

Secondly, any court document is a matter of public record. You can pay $35.00 and access anything you want? So, you posting here, is not a violation of anything.

Question? Suppose you wrote a book? Would the judge have the right to tell you to collect and burn every book? Heck no! The internet is no different except that it is an "Up to date copy" of a book!

God bless you and keep up the good fight.

P.S. Are you representing yourself?