Wednesday, July 2, 2008

More Victims Come Forward Against Coach Accused of Abuse

Lincoln, NE -

A Lincoln soccer coach faces new charges of sexual abuse. 57-year-old Sanford Kaplan was in court Monday, to hear charges of child abuse, false imprisonment and five counts of third degree sexual assault of a child. The former UNL professor and high school soccer coach is accused of blindfolding and tying up boys for his sexual gratification.

More young boys have come forward since Kaplan's first court appearance in May -bringing the total to 11 alleged victims. Four told investigators he brushed up against their groins while he tied them up. The boys say it happened when they were between the ages of 10 and 16.

Kaplan was arrested again on Friday. His bond was raised to $200,000.

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Action 3 News - Omaha, Nebraska News, Weather, and Sports More Victims Come Forward Against Coach Accused of Abuse

My three cents..

He likes the site of being tied up and blindfolded?

Wouldn't I love to tie HIM up blindfold HIM then give the parent's of the children he abused led pipes and let em practice their "swing" .. O I don't know.. maybe those parent's could use this dudes genitals as a target?

What do ya think? I think that would be a fair punishmnet...

Before you go off thinking I've lost my mind.. think again.

I have NO mercy for anyone that abuses children and..

YES I WANT ALL CHILD ABUSERS TORTURED in the worst possible way!

Can't they make torturing pedophiles and child abusers legal?

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