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Woman Facing Charges for False Reporting!


Now if they had done this here in NY in my case- My ex would have stopped after the FIRST false call to ACS which was unfounded.

BUT NOOOOO - He got them to buy his bullsit on FOUR more occasions ALL UNFOUNDED!

Yet the last call # FIVE resulted in a false "indicated" case- which cost me my babies for the last SIX YEARS!

Case over turned July 12, 2007 and guess what? STILL HAVENT SEEN MY BABIES- while the abuser gets to live the life of lesiure, I have to wonder what he had to do in order to pull this one off?

Maryland woman facing charges after alleged false report of sexual abuse to DCS about two Kingsport youths.

KINGSPORT — A Maryland woman is headed to court Feb. 6 after abuse allegations against a Kingsport woman led Tennessee Department of Children’s Services officials to drop everything to check on two young boys within 24 hours of a hotline call now deemed to be a false alarm.

Geraldine Paulette Sylvester-Parsons, 46, of Randallstown, Md., allegedly called the hotline on Aug. 23 posing as a “Jane Curtin” — actually her great-grandmother’s name.

Sylvester-Parsons accused Audrey Parsons, of Kingsport, of sexually abusing a 10-year-old boy who is both her grandson and her adopted son. She further claimed the boy was abusing a 4-year-old boy at a neighbor’s home, according to an affidavit.

Although DCS spokesman Rob Johnson could provide no details about the allegations, he said a “priority one response” is warranted when a child is believed to be in imminent danger of serious bodily harm or death.

Priority one response protocols required Child Protective Services Investigator Myra Hale to meet face to face with the boys “no later than 24 hours” after the tip, Johnson explained.

Hale and Kingsport Police Department Detective Chris Tincher conducted a joint investigation into the allegations. The Child Protective Investigative Team then reviewed their findings and decided the accusations were unfounded.

Sullivan County Assistant District Attorney Barry Staubus listened to a recording of the hotline call and recommended a separate investigation into the possibility of false report charges against Sylvester-Parsons.

In a phone interview with Tincher on Aug. 28, Sylvester-Parsons denied making the call and said the allegations were false. She told Hale the same thing in a call placed two days later.

Tincher said Sylvester-Parsons didn’t deny it was her voice on the recording of the hotline call.
She was arrested on a charge of false reporting of child sexual abuse and posted $1,500 bond on Dec. 6.

1. Billie Dale 2007-12-15 13:54:28
So -I'm wondering what the *key* statements were that made DCS jump immediately on this one -when, in other circumstances where it seems one would assume there is *imminent danger* to a child- progress was so slow that harm was actually done. I've read (and tried desperately to understand) some of these laws and guidelines having to do with abuse of different kinds and -for the life of me- cannot come up with a single most common denominator that determines the rationality behind acting immediately to the report (aside from the clear guidelines)-except, that is, (wait for it!) the *DCS worker*, himself. To me, it seems the determining factor in how soon the case gets "looked at" or acted upon depends on the disposition, training, and appointment schedule of the worker appointed for that moment -or that particular day. Social workers and investigators are always going to be bogged down with this -it's the core of the job- and no one should be "floating" through it (in social work the paycheck might not be a hefty one but it's not "just a job". It requires more out of you), or allowing a hectic schedule to be the reason any child gets "overlooked". I understand the frustration with false reports, too. They confuse things even more. And they cost money -and time- to investigate. Still, I think every case should be treated with all the seriousness and concern of a bonafide case of abuse until proven otherwise. -Billie Dale, Kingsport

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