Sunday, December 9, 2007

Family recalls activity before killing, suicide

Larry Meriwether II had gone to court Friday morning with former girlfriend, Fairlen Rawlins, for child custody issues before police say he shot and killed his 7-month-old daughter and then himself, said his father, Larry Meriwether Sr.

Rawlins said she had full custody of the child, I'yanna Meriwether, who lived with her.

"He had her on every other weekend," Rawlins said.

Rawlins said she dropped her daughter off at Meriwether II's house around 11 a.m. Friday, just two hours before the shooting was reported.

Rawlins said: "It was no different than any other time."

Meriwether II had "threatened suicide a few weeks ago, but the family didn't see the need for him to get help," Rawlins said.

"There was never indication that he would ever hurt our daughter."

Larry Meriwether Sr., owner of Foston Funeral Home, said "he never said anything about suicide. He never brought it to my attention that there was trouble, so I didn't take it any further.

"If he talked to me about it, then I would have taken necessary actions to make sure he wouldn't do anything like that," Meriwether Sr. said.

When Meriwether II spoke with him before the shooting, Meriwether Sr. said everything seemed normal.

"He came by and checked on me — I've been under the weather — and he checked on me and called his brother and his best friend, and they didn't detect anything," Meriwether Sr. said. "He was in good spirits. I don't know what transpired (afterward).

"Whatever it is, God will give us direction," Meriwether Sr. said. "I don't know what the problems were."

Remembering the Meriwethers

Rawlins said she wants her daughter to be remembered as a loving child.

"She loved everything around her and loved her brothers," Rawlins said. "She didn't deserve to be murdered. ... We will miss her and always love her."

Meriwether Sr. remembered his granddaughter as, simply, "beautiful."

As for his son, who served as Meriwether Sr.'s assistant at the funeral home, he said, "He was an all-around person, people loved him."

Meriwether Sr. said the family is "doing fairly well under the circumstances."


There is no new information about the investigation, Clarksville Police Department spokeswoman Sgt. Cheryl Anderson said Saturday.

CPD Detective Tim Anderson, of the Major Crimes Unit, is lead investigator of the case.

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