Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Catholic Charities

An offer you can't refuse..

Dear Justice Fighters

Tomorrow Christmas Day as we do every year, we will be outside St. Patrick Cathedral celebrating Christmas in our own way.

Educating Catholics what our Dear Catholic Church does to Innocent Children in their great love for money: be the power behind the Foster Care/Child Slavery Business.

We will be there from 11:00am till 12:30pm.

At 12:00 noon when the mass is over and the parishioners come out, the Controlled Media is waiting to interview people. We are there to give our opinion of course.

Our Pamphlet comes half in English and half in Spanish. I am here pasting the English version.

Come and Join Us.

Rolando Bini

Please Help Us
Free Our Children

A Plea to Cardinal Egan

On Christmas Day
When Children and Families Get Together to Celebrate and Rejoice Christ's Birth

Here in New York City Thousands of Innocent Children and Their Families are Suffering Thanks to Catholic Charities

Please Let Our Children Go!


"Whoever causes one of these little ones who believe to stumble, it would be better for him if, with a heavy millstone hung around his neck, he had been cast into the sea" - Mark 9:42

In the Spirit of Christmas
We ask Cardinal Egan to extend the Message of Peace and Love to the 17,000 Children Held Captive in Foster Care, Most of Them by Catholic Charities, which Gets the Lion's Share of this $2.5 Billion /Year Racist Racketeering Scheme. 98% of these Innocent Children are Black & Latino, and have Been Kidnapped from Their Families Under Any Possible Excuse & Kept in Foster Care with Legal Trickery & the Complicity of Family Court which is an Institutionalized System of Injustice Set in Place to "Legalize" the Slow Silent Genocide of Innocent Children. Those Children & Their Families are Forced into Great Suffering, so Catholic Charities can Enjoy Great Profit. Please Stop Using Our Children as Slaves and Preparing Them for the Prison, Homeless & Mentally Ill populations.

For God's Sake, Make Money Some Other Way.
Let's Our Children Go!

Contact Cardinal Egan who is a member of the Pontifical Council for the Family at terence.curley@archny.org or 212-371-1000. Contact Catholic New York at 212-688-2399 or
cny@cny.org. Plea with Him to Free Our Children.

Parents in Action:
www.parentsinaction.net, rolando@parentsinaction.net, 347-624-4830

My personal Side Note- Had I known that my children's involvement in the Catholic Charities CYO program could have ultimately lead to the destruction of their lives I would have never allowed them to be involved.
Now one might ask how can I make a statement like this ?
Well read my story [First Blog] and keep in mind that ..
Joseph Panepinto is married to Judge Barbara Panepinto
Mr. Joseph Panepinto is The Director of CYO
My estranged husband is living with Aggie Panepinto
Estranged husband has worked as a ref for CYO for the last 20 or so years.
Aggie Panepinto is an alleged child pornographer [alleged by an innocent third party.]
My children were "legally" kidnapped for 18 months while I was accused of being a drug addict yet denied drug testing. I was promised visitation with them if I gave up custody to my abusive estranged husband, my court appointed attorney said they wont let me keep custody and if I fought it I would never see my children again.
Well naive me believed him after all he was my attorney right?
I allowed my estranged husband to have custody I was busting to see my babies, but guess what? It's been SIX YEARS an over turned FALSE ACS case negative hair drug tests NOT A DAMN THING against me yet my children were turned against me and I have not seen nor heard from them since.
Pretty twisted huh?
My children are living with an abusive estranged husband and his alleged child pornographer girlfriend and I am being blocked by every jurist I have been in front of.
INCLUDING Judge panepinto. (shaking my head) Gotta love it!


Anonymous said...

Aggie Panepinto is an alleged child pornographer [alleged by an innocent third party.]

Louise Uccio said...

Dearest Aggie,

I know it was YOU leaving this comment, remember I have site meter?

Anywho, it WASN'T "I" that said anything.

IT WAS "I" that repeated what I read by someone else's posting, your using your camera for child porn.

Go ahead try to get me arrested for stating you are an alleged child pornographer and I'll have to direct anyone interested to the ORIGINAL source which WAS NOT ME!

Have a wonderful day

Louise Uccio said...

Another thought Aggie,

Alternatively, are you insinuating that you have the power to have me put behind bars for no reason, similar to the apparent connections you/or my estranged husband have that took me out of my children's lives for no valid legal reason?

Anonymous said...


Louise Uccio said...

What a sick person you are very sick!

I've decided to change my mind on allowing this insanity (above) to be published. Any further comments from anyone on the behalf of the sick person I am refering to above will be rejected, deleted, ignored.

Happy reading