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Childrens Protective Services Strategies - What America doesn't know!

After reading this open letter this morning to Mr. Wallace, From Sue Burson I had to share it.

This letter could have been written by many of us trying to help those sucked into the system.

Mr Wallace,

On behalf of the thousands of families who have been destroyed by CPS with their illegal practices, lies, deceptions, kidnapping, and threats (not to mention the THOUSANDS of children who have DIED, been abused, sexually and physically and neglected in CPS/Foster Care), I would like to invite you to watch a videotaped visit with a mother and CPS that exposes many lies (with court transcripts, pictures and audio recordings, as backup), as to obstruction of justice, falsifying information (TONS of those!), failure to communicate (tons of letters, times and dates) and their PURPOSELY violating the CIVIL RIGHTS of parents.

What is not commonly known about CPS is that they are UNREGULATED by ANY state or federal law and are protected from any civil or criminal liability (Texas Family Code, Section 261.106)!

They DO NOT have to answer to anybody!! That alone is great cause for concern. Check out the website http://www.fightcps.com/ On there you will read thousands of stories about families who need help fighting this corrupt system from generation to generation.I have to hand it to them, CPS that is, they do follow up!

Anyone that fills out a census report will become a victim of CPS if they live in a lower income neighborhood or if they are young,or on any Public Assistance… And now they are also attacking our Soldiers children and wives or husbands that are protectingour country….

Unfortunately, the people who have never been under attack by CPS do not know the depths of illegal actions this agency uses. We have found, after years of digging, and searching, researching, getting inside information, etc, that CPS is FUNDED BY OUR CHILDREN, THE VERY ONES THAT CPS TAKES!

Is it any surprise that parents are labeled as "COLLATERAL" in the CPS handbook? A mistake? I think not, children are their bread and butter. And by taking the children away, even on false allegations, CPS is ENSURED Title IV funding.

Even Walter Mondale, who created this monster, agreed that there were many loopholes that would ENSURE misuse of the system!

CPS gets paid by the state, which in turn bills the Government, to take children from homes, they get paid MORE if the child becomes ill or is already ill (called a "Special Needs" child), and receive an incentive bonus to adopt them out. Although, it is now being proven that they adopt them out only to families whom they believe will bring them back (in other words, they are not looking for a match, but a mismatch).

This way they continue to receive the Title IV funding for the child and have another chance to receive yet another adoption incentive. This is called double dipping, (Rick Perry just upped the ante on the adoption incentives, go to the CPS Stakeholders meetings minutes, or to the State of Texas Comptroller’s websites, or in fact Rick Perry’s website.

If the child actually leaves the system by being adopted out CPS loses a lot of money. Example; CPS gets $4,000.00 per child,per month from the Government, which is $48,000.00 per year, per child. CPS will also lose the child support that the families are paying into Children’s Protective Service.

All this is provided the child isn't ill or hasn't become ill. If the child is ill or becomes ill the price goes up to $6,000.00 per month,per child, $72,000 per year, and collects SSI (where is our Social Security going?).

CPS needs the child/children to stay in their custody/system as long as they can, to make as much money as they can…By overloading the system more, it will bring in more attention, from media etc… and more cries for more money, from the Government etc….. The children are no more than a pawn in a chess game!

CPS also receives $2.00 for every $1.00 spent collecting child support from the parents whose child/children have wrongly been taken from them. The plot thickens even more. I could go on forever, their pockets are very deep.....

You see, every time a parent goes into the CPS visitation room, which is filthy and no larger than 4 x 10 feet, and in my opinion have brightly colored items, strategically placed to take the babies attention away from the parent(s), CPS bills the Government hundreds of dollars, every time they make a house call they bill the Government $500.00. Should I continue?

I have a case of a CPS worker telling a woman “I’m gonna get that white baby, that white baby is going to be mine, just like the two white girls I took today that are sitting in that room right there right now.” As she was eating her lunch the words that slipped out of her mouth to both her and the grandmother’s surprise were “I need that white baby.”

CPS did take the child away due to FALSE ALLEGATIONS and believe it or not, CPS sent the parents a "TERMINATION OF PARENTAL RIGHTS" contract - (original document available for you to look at) - to sign the VERY NEXT DAY. We are being told by CPS that their goal is to REUNITE FAMILIES!

In most cases the false allegations/spiteful phone calls come from the child's own mother, father, grandparent, neighbors or anyone with a personal vendetta.

In the particular case that I am speaking of, due to a disagreement between the baby's Father and the Aunt, CPS was called by the Aunt and came out and wrongfully took the baby. There are thousands of cases such as this one!

This particular set of parents later successfully sued (in small claims court) the Aunt formaking a false report. Now, can they press charges and will she get punished, according to Texas State Law §261.107. FALSE REPORT; CRIMINAL PENALTY; CIVILPENALTY?

In this particular case within 2 months, a healthy 2 1/2 month old baby became so severely ill, while in CPS custody, that death would have been certain if we had not gotten in touch with another investigative reporter, which enabled us (the mother and myself) to see the baby and make the videotape. CPS was hiding the baby, they kept telling the mother when she arrived for her weekly one-hour visit with the baby, that they forgot the baby, “and she needs to reschedule”. How do you forget a baby? Not once in a week, but twice! You see they (CPS) blamed it on the Case Aid (who is not employed by CPS) therefore CPS is not held liable.

Just to fill in the information, the child in question had a well baby check up and shots a couple of days prior to the day CPS removed her from her God Given Parents..

Within 7 weeks in CPS custody/care the child had come down with asthma, severe diarrhea, severe colic, sunburn (the fosterparents took her to the lake and the beach), an ear infection, misshapen head, heart murmur, severe thrush, severe yeast infection, a rash on her bottom like I have never seen before (to the bleeding point), bug bites and vomiting.

Now you tell me....how many 2 1/2 month old children get THAT many problems in only seven weeks?

Right after the video was made, the foster family dropped the baby off at a 24 hour CPS facility on Hillcroft in the middle of the night.

When the parents received the call from the Caseworker they immediately asked if there was a doctor or anyone to give the baby medical treatment on site. The Caseworker told them NO! And to quit bothering her on her day off! And DO NOT EVER CALL HER ON HER CELL PHONE AGAIN! It was her daughter’s birthday that weekend and her time off (Memorial Weekend, 2007). The Caseworker also yelled at the baby's Pediatrician and refused to let her see the baby or let her write prescriptions for the baby (the parent immediately took the video tape and the picturesto the baby's Pediatrician).

The video is very interesting Mr. Wallace....something you definitely should see!

I hope to hear from you. We are doing all we can to help save the children and bring families back together as they should be. We also agree there are children who DO need CPS services, but right now, CPS is so broken, it needs to be obliterated and we need to start again. Too many children are being taken and dying in CPS custody. Go to www.FightCPS.com to read article after article.

Also, go to Senator Nancy Schaeffer's (R-Georgia) official website. She lists the things she found out about CPS as well. I guarantee, you will learn a lot by asking the victims/people/general public that has been involved with the CPS child-stealing ring.

Now mind you, I do realize and acknowledge that you are limited as to what you can report and tell the Public. Can you answerme one question? Are we still living in America? What are our soldiers fighting for? Ok, that was two questions….. Sorry!

You will hear the same story over and over again, the names, and cases will change, but the stories will remain the same…

Also, I can introduce you to at least one foster parent that has quit working for CPS because the minute you want to adopt children they take them away… Of course you have already met at least two families who have experienced this.

CPS wouldn't know the truth if it slapped them in the face. Go to the people...not CPS. You will get nothing but lies from CPS.If you want more evidence, please contact me. We've accumulated a lot of evidence, and can put you in touch with hundreds ofothers who have evidence as well.


Sue Burson

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