Friday, December 14, 2007

Judge Barbara Irolla Panepinto Recused herself after two attempts by my attorney

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Not sure if it was my attorney reminding Judge Barbara Panepinto that he was going to be bringing in the CYO including her husband Joseph Panepinto to find out what if any part they played in my Divorce/custody case nightmare.

Or if it was my reply to Judge Panepinto when after ten min. of her asking my attorney if "I" REALLY thought that her and her husband had any role in my custody case; I replied with ..

"Well, your honor any reasonable person would raise an eyebrow knowing that your husband and my estranged husband work together, and my estranged husband lives with a woman named Aggie Panepinto." [Side note- Aggie Panepinto is an alleged Child Porn potographer- see earlier posts]

Her reply was to recuse herself as she stated that "My husband and your husband- do not work together"

Well, I don't know call me an &^$ hole but her husband is the Director of CYO+ My husband has worked for the CYO for the last 17+ years. In addition my son S.U., is also or was as of the 2003 forensic evaluators evaluation- working for CYO as well.

(Shrug) maybe it's just me!


Nonetheless, does anyone have any thoughts on Judge Debra Silber?

This case is becoming more of a disgrace every day, FYI we filed the summons and complaint in Westchester [My place of residence since 2003] in JANUARY 2007, the complaint was heard, and sent back to Richmond County on JUNE 20 2007 got lost [Magine that?] then ended up on Judge Panepintos calender for a preliminary conference on NOVEMBER 27 2007. She refused to recuse herself and put it back on the calender for DECEMBER 11 2007, then finally recused.

Isn't it interesting how they [the system] managed to get another YEAR out of their stalling and stammering and of course LOST PAPERS- that seems to be the favorite stall tactic.

So here I sit another Christmas without my babies, praying to God they are not being sexually abused by AGGIE PANEPINTO [my concerns are due to the allegations by an innocent third party in writing that she is a child pornographer.]

Merry Christmas!


Anonymous said...

I am in the process of having to deal with Judge Barbara Irolla Panepinto in my divorce proceeding. It's good to know that it isn't just me who wonders what's going on in that court room.

Louise said...

I am very concerned about the connections my estranged husband has to her through his employment with the CYO, I'm sure you read somewhere in this blog, that Joseph Panepinto is or was the director of the Youth program in the Catholic Charities [aka CYO.]

What concerns me even more than that is the woman my estranged husband lives with Aggie Panepinto is an alleged [by an innocent third party] child pornographer.

We have brought this to the attention of the FBI and the DOJ.

Good luck with your divorce.

concerned mom said...

I am currently before Judge Silber in IDV - it is a disaster! I have to defend my every action, but my ex (who beat me up in front of our daughter) does not. I am convinced that this Judge hates women and sides with the men. I am not alone, I have met other women in my shoes. What could we do when this is the only judge in the court?

Louise Uccio said...

Concerned mom, call me 917-806-8301

Maria said...

Judge Barbara Irolla Panepinto handled my divorce case. I'm also surprising what's going on in that court room. NO JUSTICE AT ALL!!! NIGHTMARE!!!

Anonymous said...

judge pinepinto is a bimbo> she still cheating on her husband? red shoes and corvette. she has kept me from my kids for over a year with no grounds. she has me in court ordered therapy over 125 a hour for 4 months i wish i was a judge so i can wipe people out .mess up there relationships there one judge and he sits on a throne not of this world and he will judge this bimbo for her actions

Louise Uccio said...

Yeah-right? lol

Hey, have you looked into the Intra American Commision on Human Rights?

Good luck with your kids!

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...
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Zoey said...

Write me privately, I have a great idea @ - put Pantpinto in the Subject line because I have over 1,0989 emails!!