Monday, December 17, 2007

Message on Jersey City List

I found this comment from (I'll leave his name out- you go look if your that interested) via my Panepinto Google alerts- Would I love to sit with this man and talk.

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Jersey City List - Jersey City, NJ - Panepinto Mob [Message Forum - Real Estate]

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When are we gonna run the Panepinto's and thier corrupt politicians out of town? Haven't they bled Jersey City enough? Thier rent roll is $10,000,000 a month!!!!!! Why is the whole population of Jersey City suffering while they continue to buy mansions in Tenafly, NJ instead of living in JC? Robert Torricelli is now thier partner after years of payoffs and paper bags for Bob. The moment he was drummed out of the Senate he came for his due. They made him a partner the following week! Now Menendez is next in line. And the mayor who just got $150,000 from Joe Panepinto at a breakfast a few weeks ago. Joe Panepinto is sucking Jersey City dry. I should know, I'm a relative.

The End-

Side Note-From Me Louise - The opinions of the author in this case the man who claims to be a relative to Jospeh Panepinto are his and his alone [I guess- I don't know anyone on that thread] these opinions are not mine, but I would love to talk to him about the who's who and what's what, if you know him have him contact me.

Hmmm interesting- No referring page- Jersey City- less than two hours after I posted the above.

Things that make ya go Hmmm

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