Saturday, December 15, 2007

Senator Nancy Schaefer

When I heard there was a Senator willing to fight the corruption and help families, I had to write her and thank her on behalf of all of the families that have been destroyed.

Today she replied, and I have to say she is as sweet as she is courageous.

Link I am refering to - Senator Nancy Schaefer: ...because integrity matters.

My letter to her -

Dear Senator Nancy Schaefer,

I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for having the courage to help the families suffering from an abusive system.

I sent the story on "The corrupt business of child protective services" to my Senator, who I have been pleading with to have an investigation opened by a special prosecutor into apparent political connections of my estranged husband that led to a fraudulent ACS "indicated" case, causing my children and I to become estranged 6 years ago.

I have since had the fraudulent case over turned [July 12, 2006], and begun a civil lawsuit for malicious prosecution and negligent misrepresentation against ACS and the City, however my estranged husbands apparent political connections have prevailed and I still have not been reunited with my children.

Thank you once again!

Louise Uccio

Today I received this from her-

Thank you for writing.
Don't give up. Keep fighting for your children.
God bless you.
Hopefully it will end soon.
Stay strong.
Nancy Schaefer

Senator Nancy Schaefer

50th District
P.O. Box 294
Turnerville, Georgia
30580706-754-1998 Phone
706-754-1803 Fax

323 B CLOB

18 Capitol Square, SW
Atlanta, Georgia 30334404-463-1367
Tel: 706-754-1998
Fax: 706-754-1803

323- A Coverdell Office Bldg.

18 Capitol Square,
S.W.Atlanta, Georgia 30334
Tel: 404-463-1367
Fax: 404-463-1388

Please show your support to this amazing Senator - If you are a victim of the system via abuse of Federal Funding- send her a quick note thanking her for her courage!

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GP Chuck said...

I sincerely hope that this is a turning point for ALL Families through Senator Schaefer.

I too encourage you to keep fighting. Believe it or not, I am a member of a yahoo discussion group called fosterparentallegations and we have a great cross section of parents who are also fighting and make suggestions on how to make a system for Families instead of a system for the MONEY.. May want to check the page we have for the Senator at

God Bless, GranPa Chuck