Saturday, December 8, 2007

Need Opinions

If this were a picture of your children that you have been "legally" kept from for years would it bother you and why?

This is my daughters My Space default picture and I'm very concerned with the fact that the baby appears to be naked and drugged.

Especially since I've been kept from them for no reason.

Could it be my estranged husbands connections to the Church via CYO and the State via a marraige between Director of CYO Jospeh Panepinto and Acting Supreme Court Judge Barbara Panepinto.

This picture forces me to remember the sex scandal within the Catholic Church and panic.

What's your opinion?

When I showed this to my therapist, her first question was "Why is he naked?"

Then she asked "Why does he look so malnurished?"

Questions I can not answer!

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