Monday, December 10, 2007

Bonnie Cohen Gallet

Wow and here I thought she was off the bench- But nope I was wrong- She's sitting in the Bronx Family Court. I almost didn't recognize her in this pic, this is a far cry from the world weary woman who barks out nonsence from the bench.

This woman isn't competent enough to hear a case on- which way to kick two dead cocaroaches laying on the side of the street.

Now how was it that I came accross her name- I was told she was canned..

Well thank you Site Meter - I noticed that someone from the Bronx Court System was reading what I was writing. I vaguely remember something about her being in the Bronx- then I heard she was taken off the bench (gag) I guess that was wishful thinking on everyones part.

Well, I wonder why she would be looking up MY case- the last time I was before her was sometime in 05. I highly doubt she watches all of her cases for over two years.

Nonetheless Ms. Gallet have I got something for you to read...

Stay tuned

P.S. Have you seen what you've done to my babies?

I'm sure you've seen that they haven't let me see them yet but from the pictures here, I'm sure you will take note that I have reason to fear for thier lives.

I promise you Ms. Gallet you will be held responsible for what you did to me and what you do to other families, if not in a court of law in this life, you will be held responsible in some other life, I have faith in the man above.

Stay tuned..

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